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“Living Well Rather Than Living Better”

Measuring Biocentric Human-Nature Rights and Human–Nature Development in Ecuador

Johannes M. Waldmüller

Drawing on the first attempt worldwide to implement human rights indicators at the national level in Ecuador (2009–2014), as well as on a critical review of the uneasy relationship between human rights and human development discourses, this article calls into question the prefix “human” in contemporary human development and human rights thinking. By alternating case study and reflection, it argues that a systemic and biocentric focus on human–nature relationships, extending the concepts of capabilities and functionings to ecosystems and human–nature interactions, is important for designing adequate tools for human–nature development, monitoring and for moving beyond ascribing merely instrumental value to nature. In order to shift the common understanding of human rights and human development from anthropocentric frameworks toward a more realistic biocentric focus, a focus on life as such is proposed, including inherent moments of arising and passing that express the necessary limitations to all human conduct and striving.

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Brexit, Sustainability, Economics, Companies’ Responsibilities, and Current Representations

in line with the policy of the government of Ecuador that stresses the inevitability of looking at the intergenerational relationships between humans and nature, in order to achieve sustainability in a holistic sense that understands human development

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Laurent J.G. van der Maesen

highest numbers of health worker deaths thus far include the USA (507), Russia (545), UK (540), Brazil (351), Mexico (248), Italy (188), Egypt (111), Iran (91), Ecuador (82) and Spain (63). ( Ambast 2020 ) Ambast concludes that it is especially

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Searching for a New Way of Thinking about Society

A Noospheric Social Quality Orientation for Development toward Sustainability

Vyacheslav Nikolayevitch Bobkov and Nikolay Vyacheslavovich Bobkov

Social Quality . . Waldmüller , J.M. 2015 . “ Living Well Rather Than Living Better: Measuring Biocentric Human-Nature Rights and Human-Nature Development in Ecuador

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Toward Comprehensive Conceptualizations of Contemporary Public Health

Participation as the Cornerstone of Appropriate Methodologies

Harry Nijhuis

-Nature Development in Ecuador .” International Journal of Social Quality 5 ( 2 ): 7 – 28 . 10.3167/IJSQ.2015.050202 Ward , P. R. , S. B. Meyer , F. Verity , T. K. Gill , and T. C. N. Luong . 2011 . “ Complex Problems Require Complex Solutions: The