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John H. Gillespie

the Enlightenment’s continuing influence, society’s direction was still strongly influenced by belief in God and Christian values. His term is, therefore, predominantly prophetic in nature. He asserts that God is dead in the intellectual sense: ‘the

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Deborah Evans

alliance between jihadists and many Islamist organisations in the West, it has been very successful, particularly in its assault on freedom of speech. So while I agree that IS is attacking the enlightenment as a Western phenomenon, this is merely one aspect

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The Rule of Law—A Heuristic Perspective?

the illegitimate authority by the plutonomy, to rethink the ideas of the Enlightenment and classical liberal thought and to pave the way for decision-making instruments in the hands of people who are concerned with the decisions and their impact: And

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Nicolas Sembel

was an achievement of the French Revolution and of the spirit of the Enlightenment, embodying, in Raphaël’s expression, a ‘happy moment’ (p. 99). Moreover, ‘signs of regeneration’ are what interest us most in order, as always, to understand Durkheim

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Peter Herrmann

the understanding of human rights differs indeed from the standard approach. They are—as any rights—genuinely social rights. The first problem we must face is that jurisprudence—at least in the Western understanding as it emerges with the Enlightenment

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From In-Itself to Practico-Inert

Freedom, Subjectivity and Progress

Kimberly S. Engels

to illustrate his belief that Sartre is ‘interested in the idea that the world of worked matter is, to some degree, a world of liberation and enlightenment’. 11 Gyllenhammer focuses on Sartre’s conception of committed literature and its potential for

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Counter-Violence and Islamic Terrorism

Is Liberation without Freedom Possible?

Maria Russo

like a symbolic scapegoat, whatever its responsibility, as one of the players involved. Furthermore, ISIS is not attacking the West because they consider it an accomplice in creating the current impasse in the Middle East but rather for an enlightenment

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Sociocultural Change in Hungary

A Politico-Anthropological Approach

Ferenc Bódi and Ralitsa Savova

pluralistic religious character. And this feudal society, after the Enlightenment, did see the arrival of a new, progressive generation, whose political elite led this multinational state to the modern age. The arrival of fresh ideas and the activeness of the

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Jaap Westbroek, Harry Nijhuis, and Laurent van der Maesen

eighteenth century, economics and political science emerged as the first of the human sciences in the Western Hemisphere. They had their roots in the Enlightenment, with its claims for a new “science of mechanics.” At least three societal changes explain the

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‘This Is a Farce’

Sartrean Ethics in History, 1938–1948 – From Kantian Universalism to Derision

Juliette Simont

Translator : Ârash Aminian Tabrizi

, which, while they render walking easier, over time would make the child’s body less able, dependent on such supports (to take an example from What is Enlightenment? ). A similarly structured example could be developed in the case of ethical freedom. In