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Dane Kennedy

its counterparts provide Britain with a viable alternative to the European Union can be traced to Dilke's urtext. Greater Britain never really resolved a crucial question: are the ties that bind greater Britain together mainly racial or linguistic or

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Coda — Pandemic Brexit

Cancelling the Political Future

Bill Schwarz

. The gap between the botched assembling of words rushed through in the final hours of negotiation between the European Union and the United Kingdom and the actual consequences that follow appears to have disappeared from political life as if it were

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The Miniskirt and the Veil

Islam, Secularism, and Women's Fashion in the New Europe

Kristen Ghodsee

This article examines another European iteration of the headscarf debate, this time in postcommunist Bulgaria, the European Union member with the largest Muslim minority. Bulgaria is a country that has always been at a crossroads between East and West, and women's bodies and their fashion choices have increasingly become the symbols of the "backward Orient" or the "corrupt and decadent West" for those on either side of an ongoing national identity crisis. For the Orthodox Christian/Secular majority, the headscarf represents all that is troubling about the country's Ottoman past and Islam's presumed oppression of women. For a growing number of Bulgarian Muslims, the miniskirt has come to represent the shameless commodification of women's bodies and the moral bankruptcy of global capitalism.

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Marc Matera

For a society long stereotyped as emotionally reserved, even repressed, one of the striking features of the aftermath of the referendum on whether the United Kingdom would remain in the European Union has been the surfeit of affect and the

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Rethinking World War I

Occupation, Liberation, and Reconstruction

George Robb and W. Brian Newsome

Youth , was released to critical acclaim in 2015. 1 An important historical initiative to emerge from the centennial has been the appeal for family records related to the war by Europeana, a digital library supported by the European Union. 2 In the

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Carl Strikwerda

continuing relic of the era of world wars. 85 Subsidies to farmers are still the single largest expenditure of the European Union, and they can be traced directly back to the subsidies that national governments began in the interwar era. 86 While two of the

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Stuart Ward


J. G. A. Pocock's magnum opus, The Machiavellian Moment, seems an unlikely contender as an intimation of Brexit. Published in 1975, his study of the revival of classical Republicanism in Renaissance Italy and the struggle to uphold a universal ideal of active citizenship could not be further removed from Britain's departure from the European Union forty-five years later. But the wider production context suggests that it might be worth probing the possible connections. This article examines Pocock's protracted reckoning with Britain's entry into the European Economic Community in the early 1970s amid the ruptures of empire's end. It seeks to tease out the existential underpinnings not only of the latter-day exigencies of leaving but also of the persistent habit of harnessing that ambition to a reimagining of Britain's global coordinates.

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Cultural Heritages and Their Transmission

Elizabeth C. Macknight

out in the Council of Europe's 2005 statement on the value of cultural heritage for society, which is otherwise known as the Faro Convention. 5 In signing the statement at Faro, representatives of the twenty-eight member states of the European Union

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“To Tell It as We Know It”

Black Women's History and the Archive of Brexit Britain

Kennetta Hammond Perry

In the closing days before the Brexit vote, two complementary narratives dominated the Vote Leave campaign's efforts to induce support for breaking ties with the European Union. The first involved doubling down on claims that Brexit would provide

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Must Labour Lose?

The 1959 election and the politics of the people

Charlotte Lydia Riley

to comprehend. Their generation, especially those with a university education, voted mostly to remain within the European Union; my undergraduates now, mostly too young to vote in 2016, are dismayed that their preference goes uncounted. 3 And the