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Reinforcing Authentic Intimacy?

Relationships between an Escort Boy and His Male Clients in the Spectre of COVID-19 in France

Kostia Lennes

‘free’ and reciprocally undertaken in a mutually pleasurable encounter. The Lockdown During the lockdown that was decreed in March 2020 by the French government in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Valentin stayed in his small Parisian flat. He

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Constructing the Not-So-New Normal

Ambiguity and Familiarity in Governmental Regulations of Intimacies during the Pandemic

Dmitry Kurnosov and Anna Varfolomeeva

. ( 2003 ), Abnormal: Lectures at the Collège de France, 1974–1975 ( London : Verso ). Foucault , M. ( 2008 ), The Birth of Biopolitics: Lectures at the Collège de France, 1978–1979 ( Basingstoke, UK : Palgrave Macmillan ). Højer , L. , A

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Scientific Intimacy

The Changing Relationship with Medical Data at the Time of COVID-19 pandemic

Elżbieta Drążkiewicz

disconnect from the pandemic. When documenting French humanitarian ‘regimes of care’, Miriam Ticktin (2011) noticed that ill bodies, in order to be recognised as morally legitimate and deserving of care and support, needed to bear their marks of suffering

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Islamic Biopolitics during Pandemics in Russia

Intertextuality of Religious, Medical and Political Discourses

Sofya A. Ragozina

’ ( Mukhetdinov 2020a ). At the same time, he fits the body into the discourse of liberation and disciplinary power, literally using Foucault's terminology but without direct reference to the French philosopher: Effective measures are needed that take into

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The triple-sidedness of “I can't breathe”

The COVID-19 pandemic, enslavement, and agro-industrial capitalism

Don Nonini

surveyed in China ( Agence France-Presse 2020 ). This class of coronavirus may generate the kind of pandemic for which neoliberal global capitalism is best suited. For people, much less so. Nonetheless, a leftward turn toward a rational governing (and more

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Andrew Dawson and Simone Dennis

( Berkeley : University of California Press ). Ticktin , M. ( 2011 ), Casualties of Care: Immigration and the Politics of Humanitarianism in France ( Oakland : University of California Press ). 10.1525/9780520950535 Van Gennep , A. ( 2010

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A World of Touch in a No-Touch Pandemic

Living with Dementia in a Care Facility during COVID-19

Cristina Douglas

), Casualties of Care: Immigration and the Politics of Humanitarianism in France ( Oakland : University of California Press ). 10.1525/9780520950535 Wright , J. ( 2018 ), ‘ Tactile Care, Mechanical Hugs: Japanese Caregivers and Robotic Lifting Devices

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Andrew Dawson and Simone Dennis

,3); Simpson (27,3); Skinner (27,2). France : Lennes (28,1). Germany : Baffelli and Schröer (28,1); Streinzer et al. (27,2). India : Chatopaddhyay (28,1); Ghosh (28,1); Satyogi (28,1). Italy : Hamm (27,3); Messineo (27,2). Pakistan : Malik (27

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Ulrike Guérot and Michael Hunklinger

electoral body. General, secret, direct, and equal elections thus constitute, in the words of famous French sociologist Pierre Rosanvallon, “Le Sace du Citoyen”—the “sacred” of the citizens ( Rosanvallon 1992 ). In current European discussions, where the

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Transfers at a Crossroads

An Anthropological Perspective

Noel B. Salazar

Spain. This encounter, in turn, led my Spanish father to migrate to Bruges, Belgium. I was born in between, in France, and spent most of my formative years shuttling between Belgium and Spain. I had the opportunity to study in the United Kingdom and the