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Refuge and History

A Critical Reading of a Polemic

Benjamin Thomas White

it is wrong on every level. The 1951 convention emerged from the recognition that interwar efforts to assist displaced populations—not individuals—had failed, most catastrophically for the Jews of Germany. Its definition of “refugee” explicitly

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Migration and Citizenship in “Athens of Crisis”

An Interview with Vice Mayor Lefteris Papagiannakis

Aris Komporozos-Athanasiou and Nina Papachristou

squats with lack of respect for the law and leftist political identification. It’s not like Holland or Germany where there is a culture around squatting. In Germany I was talking to a Social Democrat about the situation with squatters there, and he was

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Refugee Hospitality Encounters in Northern Portugal

“Cultural Orientations” and “Contextual Protection”

Elizabeth Challinor

number of asylum applications received in Portugal has always been extremely low. In 2008, for example, Portugal received 160 asylum applications compared to 4,515 in Spain, 26,845 in Germany, and 41,840 in France. While by 2016 the number of applicants

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A Timeless Measure of Who We Are?

Elena Isayev

in Syria was not yet at its peak, which it was to reach by 2015. Carens was also writing prior to Germany’s decision, that same year, to allow some one million people the opportunity to claim asylum within its state borders. The controversial (rather

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Notes around Hospitality as Inhabitation

Engaging with the Politics of Care and Refugees’ Dwelling Practices in the Italian Urban Context

Camillo Boano and Giovanna Astolfo

building relations and belonging” ( Boano 2019: 6 ). Agamben makes reference to Martin Heidegger's well-known Building, Dwelling, Thinking 1951 text. Contrary to Benveniste's definition, Heidegger argues that the real meaning of the German verb bauen

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Working against and with the State

From Sanctuary to Resettlement

Audrey Macklin

. But friction remained, and the nature of the conflicts are revealing, especially when viewed in a comparative light. German scholar Larissa Fleischmann (2019) documents the interaction between state authorities and the burgeoning numbers of Germans

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Restoring Viable Relations in Emigrant Gambia

Paolo Gaibazzi

relatives, as he tellingly put it, i bogu in wa —they “exited” me, or they “quit” me. In 2006, as the Muslim festival of Tobaski (Eid al Adha) was approaching, Suleyman borrowed some credit and a mobile phone, and rang Kausu, his elder brother in Germany

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The Long Homecoming

Ghanaian Migrant Business and Power in Veneto, Italy

Hans Lucht

selected, and PK then picks up the boxes with a forklift and arranges them in a cold room. Some months later, the apples are packed and sent to supermarkets or exported to Germany, Holland, and Denmark. He's happy with the work—“there's no sickness on it

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Ben Page, Olga R. Gulina, Doğuş Şimşek, Caress Schenk, and Vidya Venkat

point out that “these different models can often coexist in the same national context, or dominant ideas and ideologies can change over time” (326). It happened many times: when Germany accepted a majority of humanitarian migrants in 2014–2020 but

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Sabina Barone, Veronika Bernard, Teresa S Büchsel, Leslie Fesenmyer, Bruce Whitehouse, Petra Molnar, Bonny Astor, and Olga R. Gulina

reach a wider academic and general public. Veronika Bernard Associate Professor, Department of German Language and Literature, University of Innsbruck, Austria BUREAUCRACY, LAW AND DYSTOPIA IN THE UNITED KINGDOM’S ASYLUM SYSTEM John R