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Farmers still count for a lot in France, despite their shrinking numbers. Scarcely four per cent of the workforce now earns a living in agriculture. Yet, every politician knows that the country has a huge stake in farming— France is second only to the United States as an agricultural exporter—and that farmer unions wield clout. Farmers have cultural leverage as well. Rolling fields and rural hamlets still figure prominently in most people’s mental image of what makes France French and its social fabric whole.

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Eric J. Cunningham

way for construction of Makio Dam. In the hamlet of Futagomochi, power shovels and dump trucks, brought by boat from the US and then by train to Otaki, began the work of carving out hillsides to clear space for concrete footings. In addition to the

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Michael McGuire

as Trosly-Loire, where retreating Germans had recently burned all buildings and removed all residents. Humbert’s forces also encountered populated hamlets like Bléran-court, where 228 young, elderly, and infirm libérés lived amid demolished

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The Other House

The Secondary Residence in Postwar France

Sarah Farmer

cities, and medium-sized towns. The number of French workers directly engaged in agriculture dropped precipitously from 7.4 million in 1946 to 2 million in 1975. 10 The agricultural exodus gutted villages and hamlets that had been steadily losing

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Meshworks and the Making of Climate Places in the European Alps

A Framework for Ethnographic Research on the Perceptions of Climate Change

Sophie Elixhauser, Stefan Böschen, and Katrin Vogel

villages and hamlets with a total sum of a little over two thousand inhabitants. People earn their livings from tourism, the crafts industry, and agriculture, as well as energy production through hydropower. A few years ago, as a result of increasing media

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Anna Scolobig, Luigi Pellizzoni, and Chiara Bianchizza

hamlets, per the 2010 census) is crossed by the river Isarco/Eisack. The area of Vipiteno-Sterzing has been periodically affected by floods of the Isarco river and its tributaries. Experts stress that the flood risk is very high and the town has been

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Demos and Nation

Misplacing the Dilemmas of the European Union--In Memory of Stanley Hoffmann

Charles S. Maier

( Staatenbund ), and for others even sort of an empire, though an empire without hard power, which is really a contradiction in terms. “Do you see yonder cloud that’s almost in the shape of a camel?” Hamlet teases Polonius shortly before he kills him. “Or like a

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The Incredible Edible Movement

People Power, Adaptation, and Challenges in Rennes (France) and Montreal (Canada)

Giulia Giacchè and Lya Porto

the IE website, the message of IE—“If you eat, you are in”—inspired people from Canada to New Zealand, from capital cities to rural hamlets. The IE message rapidly spread to other countries and contexts. As demonstrated by the global and shared map

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The Territorialization of Vietnam's Northern Upland Frontier

Migrant Motivations and Misgivings from World War II until Today

Sarah Turner, Thi-Thanh-Hien Pham, and Ngô Thúy Hạnh

hamlets. Kinh arriving in the third wave were more likely to move into urban areas, and hence generally had little initial interaction with minority populations. Indeed, migrants arriving during any of the three migration waves to any district had little

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A Phone without Names

Distrust and Duress in Côte d’Ivoire

Kathrin Heitz-Tokpa

and farms with livestock were looted. Initially, the Ivorian insurgents established checkpoints at every hamlet along the main axis and at the entrances to even the tiniest villages. This considerably hampered transport and trade. Only when the rebel