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Robin Rodd

of closeness” to the thought of Uruguay's independence hero José Artigas. I argue that this cross-weave of party and movement and of democratic citizenship and national heritage encourages the emergence of new figures of the citizen and new

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Colonising ‘Free’ Will

A Critique of Political Decolonisation in Ghana

Bernard Forjwuor

reflections on the political dimensions of decolonisation assume the concept's self-evidential accomplishment. In this self-evidentiality, political independence (the transfer of colonial administrative control) is routinely signified as an anchoring point

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Pluralist Democracy and Non-Ideal Democratic Legitimacy

Against Functional and Global Solutions to the Boundary Problem in Democratic Theory

Tom Theuns

is so, then perhaps it can only be comprehended in a noninferential manner and consequently corroborated by our experience. Such a conclusion would be—controversially—in line with G. A. Cohen's (2003) views on the fact independence of final

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Powerlessness and Unfairness

A Letter to Jan Zielonka

Henri Vogt

key to the country's procession towards independence (achieved in 1917) and also to the fact that the democratic system survived during the interwar years, exceptionally so in the Europe of those decades. The storyline can hardly be challenged: school

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William R. Caspary

Carole Pateman says that “workplace democratization requires the substantive measures of economic equality required to give the individual the independence and security necessary for equal participation … take present circumstances into account and modify

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Avery Poole

voluntary electoral observations and share such information among ASEAN Member States” ( ASEAN 2015b: 23 ). However, the declaration also reaffirms the principles of independence, sovereignty, equality and non-interference. Thus, member states ostensibly

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Filimon Peonidis

absolute independence from their constituents until the next election. Thus, they could betray their voters for a variety of reasons and start passing laws that were contrary to the common good. To avoid this predicament, citizens should have more outlets

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Simon Tormey and Jean-Paul Gagnon

between the Spanish new parties and the Zapatista political outlook. And overtly so. If you talk to some of the political actors in Spain, such as one of the leaders of the CUP (the Catalan Independence Party), she was quoting me Marcos’s work by saying

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Alexander Weiss

religiously separated groups but also the untouchables were treated as a legal unit. He hoped that spiritual and legal independence (“Swaraj”) would help to overcome the acknowledged social injustice without annihilating the caste system in general

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Sectarianism and Recognition in Iraq

From Consociationalism to Deliberation?

Nicolas Pirsoul

gained independence in 1932) and its borders were drawn with little regard to sectarian and ethnic divisions. The country was first a Sunni-dominated kingdom from 1920 to 1958. A republic was then established in 1958 and the Ba'athists, an Arab