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Zoe Bray and Christian Thauer

,” is part of her utopia. But for her, globalization and “making money” is also an emancipatory vision, closely linked to personal freedom, independence, and leading what she considers positively to be a “modern” life. Most importantly, being a worker

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Hendrik Paasche, Katja Paasche, and Peter Dietrich

Allen Thompson , 27 – 39 . Oxford : Oxford University Press . Pirtle , Zachary , Ryan Meyer , and Andrew Hamilton . 2010 . “ What Does It Mean When Climate Models Agree? A Case for Assessing Independence Among General Circulation Models

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Charlotte Prové, Denise Kemper, and Salma Loudiyi

community projects that compete for material resources, such as land or funding. However, Roof Food, Huerta Cantarranas, and La Recyclerie all indicated that they are little affected by power relationships, due to their strong partnerships or independence

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Richard Widick and John Foran

foundations of modern, philosophical rights discourse—from Thomas Paine’s The Rights of Man through The Declaration of Independence to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights . Like the US Constitution and its Bill of Rights (the first ten amendments

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Franco Ruzzenenti and Aleksandra Wagner

mainstream media often presents energy issues in the context of the economy (investment, prices, cost, and profits), as well as geopolitics (securitization, independence, and weaponization) ( Wagner 2018 ). Issues brought to the public by alternative

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Narratives of Socioecological Transition

The Case of the Transition Network in Portugal

Vera Ferreira and António Carvalho

supporting sustainability transitions. A third relevant aspect has to do with localization, which is embedded in a wider process of empowerment. Utopianism envisions local communities with more political and economic independence. According to an

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Making Sense of the Human-Nature Relationship

A Reception Study of the “Nature Is Speaking” Campaign on YouTube

Ulrika Olausson

the superiority attributed to nature and in nature's independence from human actions. In the quotation below, the humans-as-disease metaphor recurs, but in this case only to demonstrate the invincibility of nature, here personified as “she.” T

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Franziska von Verschuer

current extractive colonial botany would come to an end soon, thus complicating access to the abundance of resources prevalent in the South. Third, the development of technologies of cold storage had advanced in a way that made long-term independence from

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Ryan Gunderson

forms of consciousness, thus no longer retain the semblance of independence. They have no history, no development; but men, developing their material production and their material intercourse, alter, along with this their real existence, their thinking

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Sarah Besky and Jonathan Padwe

project of afforesting the ‘desolate’ land of Israel” while the olive tree is “emblematic of the Palestinian struggle against Israel’s occupation and for national independence” ( Braverman 2009: 10 ). Not only do Israel and Palestine pursue their national