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Museums and the Educational Turn

History, Memory, Inclusivity

Jens Andermann and Silke Arnold-de Simine

Responding to feminist, postcolonial, and memorialistic critiques, museums have over the past decades radically revised their protocols of collection and display, aiming to register in their own curatorial and pedagogical practice the open and contested nature of the historical and ethnographic narratives on which their object lessons had traditionally conferred the status of hard evidence. In this new emphasis on the “museum encounter” as a performative and intersubjective “event”—sometimes referred to as the “educational turn” in museum curatorship—a new type of “inclusive museum” has emerged in diverse geographical and political settings. The inclusive museum seeks to recover the museum’s social role as a purveyor of shared, collective meanings precisely in departing from its high-modern predecessor and in forging “open representations” that acknowledge the diversity of the interpretative community thus interpolated. Inclusive museums, in short, aim to offer a new, contemporary stage for negotiating and performing cultural citizenship.

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Narratives of Ambivalence

The Ethics of Vulnerability and Agency in Research with Girls in the Sex Trade

Alexandra Ricard-Guay and Myriam Denov

a relational space of intersubjectivity. Ethics embraces much more than the institutional rules, requirements, and guidelines of conduct, and constitutes a continuum as well as a process, and in that sense a relational and interactional process. By

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Statutory Rape or Postfeminism in Pretty Little Liars?

Shara Crookston

-hallways-bullying-teasing-and-sexual-harassment-in-school.pdf (accessed 9 May 2017 ). Angelides , Steven . 2009 . “ Inter/subjectivity, Power and Teacher-student Sex Crime. ” Subjectivity 26 : 87 – 108 . 10.1057/sub.2008.32 Armstrong , Jennifer . 2010 . “ Pretty Little Liars: Four New Books on the Way

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Challenging Substantive Knowledge in Educational Media

A Case Study of German History Textbooks

Lucas Frederik Garske

“strategic knowledge.” I use the term “strategies” instead of “strategic knowledge,” since cognitive efforts such as “judging,” “searching out,” and “making sense” cannot be measured intersubjectively. 24 Lee and Shemilt, “A Scaffold Not a Cage,” 14. The

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Susanne Bregnbaek

This article is based on anthropological fieldwork undertaken at two elite universities in Beijing. It addresses the paradoxical situation of the many instances of suicide among Chinese elite university students in Beijing, which constitute a public secret. The pressure of education weighs heavily on the shoulders of China's only child in each family, known as the generation of little emperors and little empresses. Since the 1980s, the suzhi jiaoyu reforms (education for quality) have involved various attempts to reduce the pressure of education. However, simultaneously the aim is to increase the competitiveness of individuals. Drawing on existential and phenomenological thought, I suggest that the discourse seems to objectify and quantify a concern for well-being, rather than recognising its intersubjective character. Finally, I argue that the suicides are controversial since they are seen as a form of social criticism.

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Way to Go

The Significance of Place for Girls and Girlhood Studies

Eva Hoffmann

-daughter narratives takes Jessica Benjamin’s notion of intersubjectivity as a point of departure for her argument that “coming of age is first and foremost an imagined relation, and more precisely, a matter (indeed, a project) of reimagining the past through the

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Jennifer Dodge, Richard Holtzman, Merlijn van Hulst, and Dvora Yanow

, intersubjective knowing and situated or contextual knowledge. Phenomenologists focus on making meaning of events, acts or situations, ‘bracketing’ the phenomenon itself and looking, instead, at sense-making (consider, for example, the work of Edmund Husserl and

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Teaching internationalisation?

Surveying the lack of pedagogical and theoretical diversity in American International Relations

Christopher R. Cook

construction is a school of thought that holds that state behaviour can best be understood by inter-subjectivity and identity. Smith argues that when you stop focusing on the specific method of realism and instead focus on rationalism (as a whole) you realise

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Conditional Freedom

A Portrait of Young Men's Sense of Belonging to the Street in Maputo, Mozambique

Andrea Moreira

defining them as objects of study to as great an extent as possible. My relationships with the young men were based upon intersubjectivity as a condition for communication ( Fabian 2014 ). As a foreign white woman, an “outsider” to the group in terms of

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Digital Media and Contested Visions of Education

Wesley Shumar and Susan Wright

inter-subjective meaning making’. If learning is a social, meaning-making process, where the ability to communicate is central, then the Internet, social media and other new communication technologies can be a tremendous asset to education. But not in