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Annina Schneller

Many of the ways in which artifacts appear to or actually do affect us—as elegant, dynamic, comfortable, authentic—are based on the fact that they are designed objects. Design is an effect-oriented process that resorts to design rules linking formal aspects of designed artifacts to specific design effects. Design rhetoric tries to capture these links between design techniques and resulting effects. This article presents design-rhetorical methods of identifying design rules of intersubjective validity. The new approach, developed at Bern University of the Arts, combines rhetorical design analysis with practice-oriented design research, based on the creation and empirical testing of design variants in accordance with effect hypotheses.

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Ryan Gunderson

-concealing ideas are internal (subjective) and intersubjective (e.g., communicative) as well as material , in the form of reproductive practices and institutions—as overemphasized by Althusser (1971) (see below)—and text ( Thompson 1984 ). Hereafter, I refer

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The Role of Naturalness in Ecological Restoration

A Case Study from the Cook County Forest Preserves

Nicole M. Evans and William P. Stewart

goal of this research was to understand the intersubjectively shared meanings of naturalness within the institution, we chose a cross-section of people based on their having different institutional positions. Staff participants worked in fisheries

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Jeff Kirby

, socially situated and embodied, and therefore an intersubjective process in conjunction with the activity of the learner ( Lave and Wenger 1991 ). However, because humans operate in social settings, learners may or may not be entirely aware of the knowledge

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Christian Hunold

its radical alternative” ( Candea 2010: 242 ). I find sensible Matei Candea’s call to “make some space within the concept of ‘relationship,’ to acknowledge the broad spectrum that lies between complete lack of connection … and actual ‘intersubjectivity

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Rethinking Adaptation

Emotions, Evolution, and Climate Change

Debra J. Davidson

sociological analysis of group processes, which define emotions as intersubjective experiences ( Bericat 2016 ). Nico Frijda (2016) , for example, describes how humans draw on shared cultural, meanings of an object during the process of (emotional) perception

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Ocean Thinking

The Work of Ocean Sciences, Scientists, and Technologies in Producing the Sea as Space

Susannah Crockford

the current ecological devastation wrought on the ocean by human activity through the impacts on coral reefs and Arctic sea ice. In this section, the intersubjective relationship between ocean scientists and their subject matter is the central theme in

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Richard Meissner and Jeroen Warner

others’ beliefs. Power is instrumental because the other does not necessarily believe in the idea but rather in the intersubjective efficacy of the idea. Actors other than states and their governments. Policy sphere consisting of experts, advocacy

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Damaging Environments

Land, Settler Colonialism, and Security for Indigenous Peoples

Wilfrid Greaves

process through which security threats are socially constructed ( Balzacq 2011 ; Wæver et al. 1998). Securitization explains how issues become designated as security issues through the intersubjective (re)production of certain phenomena as threatening

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What Makes a Megaproject?

A Review of Global Hydropower Assemblages

Grant M. Gutierrez, Sarah Kelly, Joshua J. Cousins, and Christopher Sneddon

intersubjective relations of individuals to broader networks (Taylor 2002). Nüsser and Baghel (2017) extend the sociotechnical imaginaries framework to hydropower through their framing of technological hydroscapes. 4 Our review does not address micro- or mini