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From Exoticism to Authenticity

Textbooks during French Colonization and the Modern Literature of Global Tourism

Claudine Moïse

self. Moreover, today intersubjectivity asserts the recognition of the individual. “I” exists only because the other acknowledges me. Hegel reached such certainty belatedly long after Descartes. This is how, according to Paul Ricœur, 9 the subject is

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Deliberative Democracy

Taking Stock and Looking Ahead - Selen A. Ercan with André Bächtiger

Selen A. Ercan and André Bächtiger

intersubjectively shared argumentative process, where participants develop consensual and binding norms together. Another “disagreement” concerned the epistemic dimensions of deliberative action. In a fascinating exchange between Jürgen Habermas and Hélène Landemore

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Realizing Interspecies Democracy

The Preconditions for an Egalitarian, Multispecies, World

Sue Donaldson, Janneke Vink, and Jean-Paul Gagnon

intersubjective—pertaining to relations of egalitarian respect between embodied subjects. Ideas of respect and ethical obligation are also central to how we engage nonsentient life, rivers, mountains, ecologies, works of art, and inanimate entities, but I think

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Voices that Matter?

Methods for Historians Attending to the Voices of the Past

Josephine Hoegaerts

appeared to be intersubjective, meaning that more than one body is always at play when studying the historical voice. The voice's capacity to travel had been understood in such a semi-material way by, among others, Francis Bacon as well. 86 And although

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Dealing with an Ocean of Meaninglessness

Reinhart Koselleck's Lava Memories and Conceptual History

Margrit Pernau and Sébastien Tremblay

their mediations. Histories, for Koselleck however, were always based on the intersubjective and somehow dialectical communication based on human interaction consequently excluding lava memories from history writing. In that sense, he evokes the fusion