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The Ill-Equipped Modernist

Historicizing Édouard Dujardin’s Les Lauriers Sont Coupés

Kelly J. Maynard

in its own right, analyzing its interiority as an innovative product of overlapping aesthetic milieus symptomatic of the French fin de siècle, including symbolism, Wagnerism, modernism, and subjectivism. 2 In this article, I explore Les Lauriers

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Christian Egander Skov

The article explores the concept of empire, or rige, in the context of a small nation-state with no immediate claim to imperial greatness and with a rooted self-understanding as anything but an empire. It does this by exploring the concept of empire in the far right movement Young Denmark on the basis of a close reading of their imperialist program in the pamphlet Danmark udslettes! from 1918. Rige had been a vague term for the larger Danish polity that originated in a pre-national conceptualization of the polity as a realm. The article suggests that rige-as-realm was translated by the radical right into a concept of empire. In the process it dramatically changed its emphasis, reorienting itself toward a "horizon of expectation". It became a politically loaded battle concept that then entailed a critique against the dominant liberal conceptualization of the polity and nation. Rige came to signify the ambition of being a great power, the spiritual elevation of the nation through the transcendence of the decaying liberal modernity. The program addressed the tension between a conservative political attitude and modernity and thus signified a kind of reactionary modernism that rejected liberal values while at the same time celebrating technology, industrialization, and the process of modernization.

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Stefan Nygård, Matti La Mela, and Frank Nullmeier

Multiple Modernisms Sean Latham and Gayle Rogers, Modernism: Evolution of an Idea New Modernisms series (London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2015), 272 pp. STEFAN NYGÅRD University of Helsinki Before its twentieth-century usage as an encompassing label

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Bridging the Political Gaps

The Interdiscursive Qualities of Political Romanticism in the Weimar Republic

Christian E. Roques

Kalinowski, “Hans Robert Jauss et l’esthétique de la réception” [Hans Robert Jauss and the aesthetics of reception], Revue germanique internationale 8 (1997): 151–172. 22 For examples, see Jeffrey Herf, Reactionary Modernism: Technology, Culture and

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Timo Pankakoski and Antto Vihma

unity and fragmentation of the sources of meaningfulness. This is how the narrative of modernity is usually told. Instead of undermining this close linkage of modernity and fragmentation, post-modernism rather underlined its topicality. While

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Alexander Weiss

advocate of Islamic Modernism, political activist, and scholar, immediately critically replied to this position with an essay where he pointed to Islam's potential for reform and modernization. Renan, again, rejected this argument in a follow-up essay

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Does Democratic Theory Need Epistemic Standards?

Grounds for a Purely Procedural Defense of Majority Rule

Carlo Invernizzi-Accetti

, Richard . 1997 . Truth, Politics and Post-Modernism: The 1997 Spinoza Lectures . Amsterdam : Van Gorcum . Schumpeter , Joseph . 1942 . Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy . London : Harper and Brothers . Schwartzberg , Melissa . 2015

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Arian Hopf

Sayyid Ahmad Khan, Tafsīr al-Qurʾān: Maʿ uṣūl-i tafsīr (Lahore: Dost Aisosīyaṭs, 2004), 6. 63 Khan: Maqālāt , 3:277–278. 64 Troll, Sayyid Ahmad Khan , 21. 65 Mushirul Hasan and Nishat Zaidi, A Voyage to Modernism: Syed Ahmad Khan (New Delhi

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Competing Visions

The Visual Culture of the Congo Free State and Fin de Siècle Europe

Matthew G. Stanard

, Kingdom and People (Boston: Little, Brown, 1914), 286. 74 Debora L. Silverman, “Art Nouveau, Art of Darkness: African Lineages of Belgian Modernism, Part I,” West 86th: A Journal of Decorative Arts, Design History, and Material Culture 18, no. 2 (2011

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Modernity, Ḥadātha, and Modernité in the Works of Abdallah Laroui

Conceptual Translation and the Politics of Historicity

Nils Riecken

configuration as an absolute break. As David Scott has pointed out regarding modern invocations of historical breaks, it is crucial to ask “how this break is configured and what it is understood to consist in.” 70 Chronotopes of modernity and modernism, and