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Sergio Moldes-Anaya, Francisco Jiménez Aguilar, and Francisco Jiménez Bautista

Full article is in Spanish.

English abstract: This article analyses the perceptions of immigration in Spain through the last two rounds of the European Social Survey. A new methodology of combined analysis of the Social Epidemiology of the Conflict and the Transcend method is proposed from conflict research. The objective of this study is to verify the suitability and viability of this approach and to evaluate the evolution of the perception toward immigration in Spain in recent years. As a result, more effective therapeutic measures have been proposed to face their discrimination and social rejection.

Spanish abstract: Este artículo analiza las percepciones hacia la inmigración en España a través de las dos últimas rondas de la Encuesta Social Europea. Partiendo de la investigación en conflictos, se propone una nueva metodología de análisis combinado entre Epidemiología Social del Conflicto y el método Transcend. El objetivo de este estudio será tanto comprobar la adecuación y viabilidad de esta propuesta como evaluar la evolución de la percepción hacia la inmigración en España en los últimos años. Gracias a ello se han planteado una serie de propuestas terapéuticas más eficaces para afrontar su discriminación y rechazo.

French abstract: Cet article analyse les perceptions de l’immigration en Espagne à partir des deux dernières versions de l’Enquête sociale européenne. Il propose une nouvelle méthodologie d’analyse qui combine l’épidémiologie sociale du conflit et la méthode Transcend. Son objectif est de confirmer l’adéquation et la viabilité de cette proposition de recherche pour évaluer l’évolution de la perception de l’immigration en Espagne au cours des dernières années. Cette analyse combinée permet de considérer une série de propositions thérapeutiques plus efficaces pour faire face à la discrimination et au refus de l’immigration.

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Contradictions of Solidarity

Whiteness, Settler Coloniality, and the Mainstream Environmental Movement

Joe Curnow and Anjali Helferty

extensive academic work documenting environmental racism and resistance ( Bullard 1993 , 2000; Cole and Foster 2001 ; Pulido 2000 ; Taylor 2000, 2014). In contrast, the mainstream environmental movement has prioritized campaigns that ignore the

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Achieving Indigenous Environmental Justice in Canada

Deborah McGregor

efforts by private non-indigenous companies, with the backing of the federal and provincial governments, to move forward with resource projects. (2014: 19) More recently, the TRC of Canada has referred to a legacy that includes “intense racism and the

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Vegetables and Social Relations in Norway and the Netherlands

A Comparative Analysis of Urban Allotment Gardeners

Esther J. Veen and Sebastian Eiter

comes here she notices that they are nice. … It works anti-racism, and also the other way around, because the foreigners see that not all Norwegians are racists” (#9). However, at Geitmyra, differences that exist in society remain at the garden, leading

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Kyle Whyte

racism to undermine Indigenous leadership. The US contained seasonal rounds through the creation of reservations, liquidation of land into private property, and illegalization of Indigenous ceremonial practices. In policies such as allotment of private

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Seumas Bates

– 146 . Wiegman , Robyn . 1995 . American Anatomies: Theorizing Race and Gender . Durham, NC : Duke University Press . Wilson , Zara Jacqueline . 2002 . “ Invisible Racism: The Language and Ontology of ‘White Trash.’ ” Critique of Anthropology

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Hunting for Justice

An Indigenous Critique of the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation

Lauren Eichler and David Baumeister

conservation movement arose against a backdrop of racism, sexism, class conflicts, and nativism that shaped the nation in profound ways,” and these factors are “critical to our understanding of how discourses about the environment were developed, policies

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Katharina Seebaß

the resulting inequality: First, that these are mechanisms of discrimination or even racism ( Bullard 1983 ; Elvers 2011 ), for example, when people of color and/or poor people who do not have the (political) power to offer resistance are subjected to

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Righting Names

The Importance of Native American Philosophies of Naming for Environmental Justice

Rebekah Sinclair

: Broadview Press . Alfred , Taiaiake . 2012 . “ Unnatural Disaster: the Psychophysical Effects of Environmental Racism ”. Presentation at Power/Society/Environment lecture series , University of Otowa , 20 September 20 . Bang , Megan , Lawrence

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Decolonizing Development in Diné Bikeyah

Resource Extraction, Anti-Capitalism, and Relational Futures

Melanie K. Yazzie

like Black Mesa, Farmington, and Gallup, where the logic of extraction had transformed everyday social relations into a war over life and death. In Redhouse’s mind, what was occurring through murderous violence and racism in industry-driven border towns