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“Four Guys and a Hole in the Floor”

Racial Politics of Mobility and Excretion among BC-Based Long Haul Truckers

Amie McLean

industry, South Asian drivers are the especial targets of virulent, dehumanizing racism and masculine subordination. White drivers pervasively depict South Asian truckers in association with illegal, corrupt, and “cut-throat” business practices; they are

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Automobiles and Socioeconomic Sustainability

Do We Need a Mobility Bill of Rights?

Daniel Newman

poverty. In the United Kingdom, twenty-one million households spend at least 10 percent of their income on transportation, according to the Royal Automobile Club (RAC) Foundation. 6 For the average household, transport is the single biggest cost at 14

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Through Different Eyes

A Diversity Project

Morten Nielsen

Through Diff erent Eyes is a live performative project, developed to celebrate diversity and fight racism and discrimination. The project focuses on bodily experience as the path to new insights. The audience becomes performers and the

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Gijs Mom and Georgine Clarsen

they reached their destination, affluent northern Europe, newspapers greeted them with a curious mix of philanthropy and racism, humanitarianism and xenophobia. They were placed in emergency housing, often far away from the big cities. Though some of

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Somy Kim

Armstrong-Parker, the black student house. The only black character not living in the Armstrong-Parker house, Lionel (Tyler James Williams) is the film’s outcast, and observer. Taking cues from Spike Lee, the writer-director critiques the structural racism

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Cotten Seiler

which remained most abjectly outside of and ineligible for modern subjectivity, the political articulation of which is citizenship in a nation-state —Tamara Vukov’s concern in her essay. The exclusion that Michel Foucault characterized as “state racism

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Judith A. Nicholson and Mimi Sheller

these countries. 4 In South Africa’s case, the racial ascendancy was state-sanctioned further in the form of apartheid from 1948 to 1994. Unequal relations of power in everyday and institutionalized forms give racism its multiple and pernicious

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Black Moves

Moments in the History of African-American Masculine Mobilities

Tim Cresswell

black bodies. Herbert Simons has put it succinctly. These behaviors are a reflection of urban African American male cultural norms, which conflict with white male mainstream norms. The penalties are an example of institutionalized racism and white

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Everything in Motion

Clio Andris and Juan Ruescas

racism against African Americans abound. Judy emerges as a downtrodden McCarthyist hero, only to return victorious after following an encore clue into the deep, dark tunnels of old, dead infrastructure: an abandoned subway tunnel and companion subway car

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James Longhurst, Sheila Dwyer, John Lennon, Zhenhua Chen, Rudi Volti, Gopalan Balachandran, Katarina Gephardt, Mathieu Flonneau, Kyle Shelton, and Fiona Wilkie

how this cultural history of overt racism underwrites the more hidden institutional racism toward disadvantaged minority groups in the present day. Part 2 focuses on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries’ transformations of sociabilities within