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Frances Steel

forms of self-presentation. Intriguingly, he posits that shipboard communalism stimulated experimentation, producing creative outputs more identifiably middlebrow in tone and content—a point that seems ripe for further analysis. Galletly, on the other

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Simone Derix

This article argues that state visits are highly symbolic political performances by analyzing state visits to Berlin in the 1950s and 1960s. The article concentrates on how state visits blended in the Cold War's culture of suspicion and political avowal. Special emphasis is placed on the role of mass media and on the guests' reactions and behavior. State visits to Berlin illuminate the heavy performative and emotional burden placed on all participants. Being aware of the possibilities for self-presentation offered by state visits, West German officials incorporated state visitors into their symbolic battle for reunification. A visit to Berlin with extensive media coverage was, therefore, of prime importance for the German hosts. Despite their sophisticated visualization strategies, total control of events was impossible. Some visitors did not want to play their allotted role and avoided certain sites in Berlin, refused to be accompanied by journalists or cancelled their trips altogether.

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Eric Drott

This article examines the role played by the nòva cançon occitana (new Occitan song) in disseminating post-1968 regionalist ideologies, particularly the contention that Occitanie constituted an “internal colony” of France. While both the nòva cançon and the internal colonialism thesis proved instrumental in advancing the Occitanist cause, they also raised intractable problems. The depiction of Occitanie as a colonized territory consolidated a fragile sense of regional identity, but in so doing demanded that individuals repress the French dimensions of their identity. In addition, nòva cançon performers did not simply convey regionalist ideals through music, but were compelled to embody these ideals in their behavior, ideological stance, and self-presentation. To illuminate such tensions, the article considerers the controversy triggered when one Occitan singer-songwriter, Joan Pau Verdier, signed with an international label, thereby opening himself up to charges of having betrayed the Occitanist cause.

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Mobilizing Meanings

Translocal Identities of the Far Right Web

Patricia Anne Simpson

Party of Germany’s ( npd ) youth organization, the Junge Nationaldemokraten, the protests themselves appeared “ lächerlich ” or ridiculous to some. 17 Indeed, the high drama of the movement’s self-presentation elicited parodies and undermining pokes at

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Brand of Brothers?

The Humboldt Forum and the Myths of Innocence

Jonathan Bach

strikes a dissonant and defensive note in the Forum's self-presentation. As one Forum staff member pithily summarized the position of its leadership to me, from their perspective “the collections have nothing to do with colonialism—they were all acquired

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Daniel Lewis

-between—are spectacles, and are “forms of intellectual and social authority that are established through aesthetic self-presentation to an audience” (1995: 12). For example, visibility is of special importance to what Adams defines as the dandy as well as the Carlylean

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The Left Party and the AfD

Populist Competitors in Eastern Germany

Jonathan Olsen

undertones—throughout its self-presentation. In contrast to the AfD, the lp ’s (left-wing) populism is more muted. Indeed, scholars have been divided on whether the lp can even be considered properly populist. Eckhard Jesse suggests that the AfD and lp

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DIY, im Eigenverlag

East German Tamizdat LPs

Seth Howes

magazine and pamphlet cutouts, embed L’Attentat’s self-presentation into the body of East German photography, playing up the contrast between the bodies of the band’s members and the uniformed, purposive bodies of the soldiers, model citizens, mobilized

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The Gods of the Hunt

Stereotypes, Risk and National Identity in a Spanish Enclave in North Africa

Brian Campbell

-lords. In adopting Ceutan leadership, the visitor is discursively infantilised as the holder of orientalist fantasies. Unable to see or navigate danger, visitors’ self-presentation and communication with the world must be strictly supervised. Moroccan

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Larisa Deriglazova

constant reference point for national identity and for self-presentation within and outside of Russia, as well as a direction to be chosen or rejected as Russia strives for future development. In the early 1990s, Europe and the EU were often presented in