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From Selfies to Sexting

Tween Girls, Intimacy, and Subjectivities

Antonio García-Gómez

community of practice. More specifically, this study explores the discursive self-presentation of this group of tween girls in an attempt to throw further light on the way(s) in which they perform an ideology while asserting their sexual agency. In doing so

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Melanie Kennedy and Natalie Coulter

, Antonio García-Gómez explores questions of sexual agency in pre-adolescent girls’ self-presentation in sexting. Drawing on interviews with British girls, he found that there are contradictory constructions of femininity in their reflective talk about

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Daniel Lewis

-between—are spectacles, and are “forms of intellectual and social authority that are established through aesthetic self-presentation to an audience” (1995: 12). For example, visibility is of special importance to what Adams defines as the dandy as well as the Carlylean

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How to Survive the Postfeminist Impasse

Grace Helbig’s Affective Aesthetics

Catherine McDermott

typically encourage female subjects to “appear as entirely confident, carefree and unconcerned about their self presentation (as this is now an important aspect of femininity in its own right)” (155). 5 Although beyond the scope of this article, it is worth

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Crossdressing Dansō

Negotiating between Stereotypical Femininity and Self-expression in Patriarchal Japan

Marta Fanasca

In this article, I focus on the childhood and adolescent life experiences of dansō (female-to-male crossdressers) who work as escorts in contemporary Japan, and on the process that led to their presentation of self as gendered masculine in their private and working lives. During their childhood and adolescence, dansō have to negotiate their identity and self-presentation to adhere to the gendered pressures of Japanese society. Through an analysis of interviews undertaken with 14 dansō informants, I explore dansō’s construction of a male identity before adulthood, highlighting the societal impositions they experienced and the coping strategies to which they resorted in order to create and maintain a space in which to express their queer selves.

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“There’s nothing makeup cannot do”

Women Beauty Vloggers’ Self-Representations, Transformations, and #thepowerofmakeup

Michele White

“UGLY AS FUCK.” My Pale Skin shares commentary about her face, but she also suggests that commenters are writing “on” and trying to produce and deface her appearance and representations. Her video self-presentation is a response to the quoted comments

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On Sinofuturism

Resisting Techno-Orientalism in Understanding Kuaishou, Douyin, and Chinese A.I.

Yunying Huang

pressures ( Wen 2013 ). China's rapid economic development generates financial anxiety for young people, while social media present a quick and easy way to capitalize on self-presentation. As more people seem to succeed (become famous and rich), the

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Still Just Hegemonic After All These Years?

“Worst Thing S/He Thinks About Me” Predicts Attitudinal Risk Factors for High School Healthy Relationships Program

Jessica J. Eckstein and Erika Sabovik

bodies where they do gender are the psychological and/or behavioral aspects that configure gender with others. Youths practice self-presentation both by learning their own bodies and expected roles via altercasting ( Weinstein and Deutschberger 1963