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The making of terrorists

Anthropology and the alternative truth of America's 'War on Terror' in the Sahara

Jeremy Keenan

This article, based on almost eight years of continuous anthropological research amongst the Tuareg people of the Sahara and Sahel, suggests that the launch by the US and its main regional ally, Algeria, in 2002–2003 of a ‘new’, ‘second’, or ‘Saharan’ Front in the ‘War on Terror’ was largely a fabrication on the part of the US and Algerian military intelligence services. The ‘official truth’, embodied in an estimated 3,000 articles and reports of one sort or another, is largely disinformation. The article summarizes how and why this deception was effected and examines briefly its implications for both the region and its people as well as the future of US international relations and especially its global pursuance of an increasingly suspect ‘War on Terror’.

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Marie-Luce Gélard

Pour le sens commun, le Sahara n'est bon qu'à être contemplé. Il ne ferait pas bon y vivre. J'ai pu constater à quel point la divergence des points de vue était frappante entre une région présentée par des lectures exogènes (récits de voyages

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Replenishing Milk Sons

Changing Kinship Practices among the Sahrāwī, North Africa

Konstantina Isidoros

1998 ; Khatib-Chahidi 1992 ; McDougall 2005 ; Parkes 2005 ). It has also had a highly prominent position among Saharan studies scholarship focusing mostly on the Tuareg nomads of the central-eastern Sahara (e.g. Murphy 1967 ; Oxby 1990 ; Rasmussen

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Alice Wilson

Revisiting 'the margins' as an illuminating conceptual space analogous to, yet distinct from, the exception, this article explores the Arab Spring from its margins to highlight 'silencing effects' that, if they underpin the problematic notions of the Arab Spring and Arab exceptionalism, assume spectacular dimensions at the margins, namely, the 'disappearance' of an uprising. The disputed territory of Western Sahara, partially annexed by Morocco since 1975, saw an unprecedented uprising in October-November 2010. Annexed Western Sahara's uprising narrowly preceded Tunisia's, conventionally recognized as the first of the Arab Spring. Despite Sahrawis' perceptions of similarities between their uprising and the Arab Spring, Western Sahara's uprising is overlooked in most analyses of the Arab Spring. 'Silencing effects' obscure these similarities and, ultimately, the uprising itself.

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Bernard Faye

. 1 et 2 ( Thèse en anthropologie sociale et ethnologie, EHESS , Paris ). Chehma , A. , Faye , B. and Djebar , M. R. ( 2008 ), ‘ Productivité fourragère et capacité de charge des parcours camélins du Sahara septentrional algérien

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Emerging Kinship in a Changing Middle East

Soraya Tremayne

refugee camps in the western Sahara Desert, whose kinship structure has faced increasing threat of disruption, and points out that the Sahrāwī women, faced with the possibility of losing their kin men, who are traders and on the move, have created new milk

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Donner la mort au gibier sur le territoire sacré de la Mecque

Une vieille controverse (VIIe-VIIIe siècles)

Hocine Benkheira

compenser sa mort par le sacrifice d’un bélier du Najd. 10 On y adjoint aussi un lézard propre au Sahara, celui qu’on appelle fouette-queue, dabb en arabe, mais non les serpents ( hayyât ) qui sont décrits comme des « ennemis ». 11 À des pèlerins qui ont

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‘We Are Both Diplomats and Traders’

Afghan Transregional Traders Across the Former Soviet Union

Magnus Marsden

‘partial groupings’. ‘Global frontier realms’ ( Christelow 2012 ) are zones of friction in that they are peripheral but not marginal to multiple polities and cultures. Those who inhabit such spaces (e.g., the Sahara, the Afghanistan–Pakistan frontier, Burma

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Adam Branch

Social Situation in Modern Zululand ’. Bantu Studies 14 ( 1 ): 1 – 30 . 10.1080/02561751.1940.9676107 Hailey , W. M. 1938 . An African Survey: A Study of Problems arising in Africa South of the Sahara . Oxford : Oxford University Press

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Transit Migration in Niger

Stemming the Flows of Migrants, but at What Cost?

Sébastien Moretti

. “ Manufacturing Smugglers: From Irregular to Clandestine Mobility in the Sahara .” Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science 676 ( 1 ): 16 – 35 . 10.1177/0002716217744529 Bredeloup , Sylvie . 2012 . “ Sahara Transit: Times, Spaces