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Veronica Davidov, Danielle DiNovelli-Lang, James F. Weiner, Emily Yates-Doerr, Marissa Shaver, Bret Gustafson, Peter Cuasay, Andrew DeWit, Jeremy F. Walton, Christopher Krupa, David Lipset, Jerry Jacka, John Walker, John Johnson, Erik W. Davis, J. Brantley Hightower, Genese Marie Sodikoff, Heater E. Young-Leslie, Patrick Kaiku, and Brock Ternes

DOVE, Michael R., Percy E. SAJISE, and Amity A. DOOLITTLE, eds., Beyond the Sacred Forest: Complicating Conservation in Southeast Asia

FIENUP-RIORDAN, Ann, and Alice REARDEN, Ellavut/Our Yup’ik World & Weather: Continuity and Change on the Bering Sea Coast

INGOLD, Tim, Being Alive: Essays on Movement, Knowledge and Description

KINCHY, Abby, Seeds, Science, and Struggle: The Global Politics of Transgenic Crops

KNUDSEN, Stale, Fishers and Scientists in Modern Turkey: The Management of Natural Resources, Knowledge and Identity on the Eastern Black Sea Coast

LATTA, Alex, and Hannah WITTMAN, eds., Environment and Citizenship in Latin America: Natures, Subjects and Struggles

MCKINNON, Katharine, Development Professionals in Northern Thailand: Hope, Politics, and Practice

MORI, Akihisa, ed., Democratization, Decentralization and Environmental Governance in Asia, DURAIAPPAH, Anatha Kumar, Koji NAKAMURA, Kazuhiko TAKEUCHI, Masataka WATANABE, and Maiko NISHI, eds., Satoyama-Satoumi Ecosystems and Human Well-Being: Socio-Ecological Production Landscapes of Japan

NAVARO-YASHIN, Yael, The Make-Believe Space: Affective Geography in a Postwar Polity

NIXON, Rob, Slow Violence and the Environmentalism of the Poor

OGDEN, Laura A., Swamplife: People, Gators and Mangroves Entangled in the Everglades

ROBINS, Nicholas A., Mercury, Mining, and Empire: The Human and Ecological Cost of Colonial Silver Mining in the Andes

SCHAAN, Denise P., Sacred Geographies of Ancient Amazonia: Historical Ecology of Social Complexity

SCOTT, Rebecca R., Removing Mountains: Extracting Nature and Identity in the Appalachian Coalfields

SHAH, Bindi, Laotian Daughters: Working toward Community, Belonging, and Environmental Justice

STEFANOVIC, Ingrid Leman, and Stephen Bede SCHARPER, eds., The Natural City: Re-Envisioning the Built Environment

WALSH, Andrew, Made in Madagascar: Sapphires, Ecotourism, and the Global Bazaar

WILLOW, Anna J., Strong Hearts, Native Lands: The Cultural and Political Landscape of Anishinaabe Anti-Clearcutting Activism

Popular Nonfiction

DIAMOND, Jared, The World until Yesterday: What Can We Learn from Traditional Societies?

PABICH, Wendy J., Taking On Water: How One Water Expert Challenged Her Inner Hypocrite, Reduced Her Water Footprint (without Sacrificing a Toasty Shower) and Found Nirvana

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The Politics of Greening the City

The Case of the Bostan of Kuzguncuk, Istanbul

Alice Genoud

against the conservative urban policy of the Justice and Development Party (AKP), the main political formation in Istanbul and Turkey. The principal aim of the AKP, and above all of its leader, Recep Tayip Erdogan, 1 is to make of Istanbul “the financial

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Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

The Social Worlds of Wheat

Jessica Barnes

genetic and phenotypic variation. In a field survey in Turkey, for instance, one field that a farmer described as having a single landrace was found to have multiple species and varieties of wheat ( Brush 2004: 49 ). In addition to carefully selecting seed

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Civil Society and Urban Agriculture in Europe

Mary P. Corcoran and Joëlle Salomon Cavin

development on the one hand and the creation of public parks (as part of civic and nationalist boosterism) on the other. Urban vegetable gardens were mainly the preserve of the poorer sections of the Turkish population, whereas the emergent and increasingly

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Hendrik Paasche, Katja Paasche, and Peter Dietrich

at Eskisehir (Turkey), Using a Polynomial Model .” Near Surface Geophysics 13 ( 2 ): 155 – 168 . 10.3997/1873-0604.2015010 Oreskes , Naomi , and Erik M. Conway . 2010 . Merchants of Doubt: How a Handful of Scientists Obscured the Truth on

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Evert Van de Vliert

.705 0.927 Sri Lanka −1.400 −0.663 −0.471 −0.253 Sweden 1.138 1.237 0.786 2.576 Switzerland 0.880 1.372 0.735 1.675 Tanzania −0.841 −2.401 −2.686 −0.076 Thailand −0.755 −0.018 −0.806 −0.088 Trinidad and Tobago −0.712 0.265 0.787 0.762 Turkey 0.966 −0

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Vegetables and Social Relations in Norway and the Netherlands

A Comparative Analysis of Urban Allotment Gardeners

Esther J. Veen and Sebastian Eiter

variety of people at the allotment. There are many immigrant families, many Turkish people. This area used to be a workers’ area. Now there is a lot of gentrification. This affects the social life at the garden.… There are three groups at the garden. (1

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Sanne van der Hout and Martin Drenthen

engineers and scientists who gained inspiration from nature. A classic example is the Wright brothers, who succeeded in flying the first heavier-than-air airplane in 1903, taking inspiration from observations of turkey vultures in flight. Another well

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J. Cristobal Pizarro and Brendon M. H. Larson

Rock Pigeon I House Finch ( Haemorhous mexicanus ) Black-Crowned NightHeron ( Nycticorax nycticorax ) Great Egret Brown Thrasher ( Toxostoma rufum ) Feral Rock Pigeon I Oropendolas ( Psarocolius spp .) Raptors (hawks, eagles, and owls) Turkey Vulture

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Humans, Plants, and Networks

A Critical Review

Laura Calvet-Mir and Matthieu Salpeteur

.5751/ES-08208-210144 . 10.5751/ES-08208-210144 White , Douglas , and Ulla Johansen . 2005 . Network Analysis and Ethnographic Problems: Process Models of a Turkish Nomad Clan . Oxford : Lexington books . Wilson , Warren M. , and Darna L. Dufour