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Citizens and Citizenship

The Rhetoric of Dutch Immigrant Integration Policy in 2011

Dana Rem and Des Gasper

disturbing: “Half of younger Turkish and Moroccan Dutch apparently do not feel themselves mainly or completely Dutch” [2.3.3]. Section 3, “Safe, Stable, and Involved: Dutch Society as Basis for Integration and Citizenship,” makes a core declaration. While

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Marine Dhermy-Mairal, Jean-François Bert, and Baudry Rocquin

lively accounts of the lives of sociologists. She often writes with panache, as in the sentence about the stay-at-home Richard’s ‘travels’, through his extensive inter-national correspondence, ‘to Italy, Spain, Romania, Turkey or the United States’ (p

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Jan Berting

,” the “Turkish community,” or the “Surinam community.” And it is rather futile to ask the “representatives,” the “managers,” or the “leaders” of these imaginary communities to endorse their responsibilities in cases in which social problems are arising

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Marco Ricceri

-General; the president of the African Union Commission; numerous African states such as Rwanda, Senegal, Gabon, Uganda, Ethiopia, Togo, Burundi, Namibia, Angola, and Egypt; and non-African states such as Argentina, Indonesia, Jamaica, and Turkey ( BRICS 2018a

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Humanosphere Potentiality Index

Appraising Existing Indicators from a Long-term Perspective

Takahiro Sato, Mario Ivan López, Taizo Wada, Shiro Sato, Makoto Nishi, and Kazuo Watanabe

.549 37 Turkey 0.551 0.469 0.464 0.457 0.480 0.512 0.450 0.524 0.438 0.613 0.478 0.546 0.421 38 Azerbaijan 0.548 0.449 0.471 0.418 0.486 0.486 0.440 0.497 0.480 0.674 0.475 0.598 0.406 39 India 0.544 0.547 0.531 0.507 0.443 0.544 0.445 0.609 0.422 0.464 0