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‘At the Mercy of the German Eagle’

Images of London in Dissolution in the Novels of William Le Queux

Antony Taylor

–1950 (Aldershot: Ashgate, 2009), 59; and for Le Queux's vigilante militias, Le Queux, The Invasion of 1910 , 125. 84 S. J. Taylor, The Great Outsiders: Northcliffe, Rothermere and the Daily Mail (London: Phoenix Giants, 1996), 143. 85 Le Queux, The

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Brett Holman

republished these claims in his far-right journal, Vigilante , along with the even more lurid fantasies of Harold Spencer, which resulted in the infamous ‘Cult of the Clitoris’ libel trial in May and June. 106 The hints in The Bomb-Makers of the use of

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Randolph Roth

dead. Three people died in sexual assaults. Another 18 victims (10 percent) were killed in “legal” homicides that involved resisting arrest, resisting attachments of property, or engaging in vigilante violence against murderers who escaped justice by

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“Clear and Present Danger”

The Legacy of the 1917 Espionage Act in the United States

Petra DeWitt

control anyone deliberately interfering with the war effort, but not to suspend the freedom of speech and press. Difficulties with enforcement and interpretation, as well as escalated vigilante behavior, led in May 1918 to the passage of the Sedition Act

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Jean-Pierre Boulé

’une jeune fille dérangée , Bianca Lamblin (Bianca Bienenfeld, appelée dans la fiction ‘Louise Védrine’) raconte comment Sartre prit sa virginité en 1939. Elle le décrit ainsi pendant leur premier rapport sexuel: ‘Son intelligence toujours vigilante brisait