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Ambivalent Sexualities in a Transnational Context

Romanian and Bulgarian Migrant Male Sex Workers in Berlin

Victor Trofimov

reasonable to suggest that nowadays homosexuality is largely accepted in Western Europe, albeit often at the expense of the exclusion of racial and ethnic others, 4 LGBTQI people continue to be excluded from national bodies in many Eastern European countries

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In Pursuit of Masculinity

On Aging Bodies, Migration and Youthful Masculinities

Usman Mahar

masculinity. In the Western European context, such an obsession can lead old men to seek eternal sexual virility and productivity so as to be able to present themselves as youthful, whereas for women it can manifest as a never-ending need for reassurance of

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The Concept of Sentimental Boyhood

The Emotional Education of Boys in Mexico during the Early Porfiriato, 1876–1884

Carlos Zúñiga Nieto

for children, Sierra emphasized the Christian fear of divine judgment as a method to promote obedience. The use of fear to instill obedience was also encouraged in Western Europe and the United States, where books like Heinrich Hoffman’s Struwwelpeter

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The Biologically Vulnerable Boy

Framing Sex Differences in Childhood Infectious Disease Mortality

Heather T. Battles

associated with industrialization and urbanization in Western Europe and North America in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. As a result, a male survival disadvantage emerged for many causes of death. Work by others has supported this model, whereby this

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Contemporary Girls Studies

Reflections on the Inaugural International Girls Studies Association Conference

Victoria Cann, Sarah Godfrey, and Helen Warner

outside the typical enclaves of North America, Western Europe, and Australia, and we were keen to include scholars, students, and colleagues from those spaces that are less visible in the Anglo-Americancentric world of contemporary humanities. We were

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Natalie Clark

Awe: Trauma as the New Colonial Frontier for Indigenous Girls As I have argued elsewhere ( Clark 2016 ), the current focus on trauma and trauma-informed practice continues the colonial reach and the entrenchment of Western European medical model

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Becoming a Gentleman

Adolescence, Chivalry, and Turn-of-the-Century Youth Movements

Kent Baxter

more wholesome for the material of English study than that of the early mythic period in Western Europe … It teaches the highest reverence for womanhood, piety, valor, loyalty, courtesy, munificence, justice, and obedience. The very life blood of

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Anxious Breath

An Autoethnographic Exploration of Non-binary Queerness, Vulnerability, and Recognition in Step Out

Lara Bochmann and Erin Hampson

white people living in Western Europe, we had both come to acknowledge our lack of control in the context of an omnipresent possibility for assault and found the consequences startling and painful to face. Preparations for leaving the house became framed

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On Shock Therapy

Modernist Aesthetics and American Underground Film

William Solomon

: Diaries, Notes and Sketches , subtitled Walden . Mekas had come to the US two decades earlier as a refugee; after spending time in displaced persons camps in Western Europe, he emigrated from his native Lithuania, where he had previously established a

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Jess Dorrance

. 2015: 225 ). 23 I describe Boudry as “white adjacent” to denote how her heritage stems from both Eastern and Western Europe, as well as to point to the fraught historical relationship of Eastern European subjects to constructions of whiteness in a