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Osnat Roth-Cohen and Yehiel Limor

-Dayan headed the department for 30 years, instilling in students the knowledge and graphic concepts he had acquired in his own studies in Germany. 9 The work of native German and Western European graphic designers stood out even more with the establishment of

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Ofra Or

This article deals with midlife heterosexual Israeli-Jewish women in living-apart-together (LAT) partnerships after a previous marriage. The main issue that this research seeks to explore is how Israeli women experience these living arrangements. The most prominent justification for this type of partnership is the need for autonomy. The drive to achieve autonomy and the ambivalence expressed toward independence and intimacy are examined in three areas of identity formation: personal, partnership, and familial. In comparison to LAT partnerships in Western Europe, in which decisions are more likely to be made without taking the future into account, most partners in Israel negotiate possible changes in their living arrangements. In familial Israel, LAT partners also involve the extended family in the relationship. As a result, in Israel, LAT partnerships engender more ambivalence toward autonomy and interdependence than in other Western countries.

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Assaf Shapira

the politics of citizenship largely focuses on the developed liberal democracies of Western Europe, North America, and Australia, and it generally describes a fairly broad structure of opportunities for expanding immigrants’ access to citizenship

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Guest Editors’ Introduction

Resisting Liberalism in Israel—the Case of Marginalized Mizrahim

Nissim Mizrachi and Menachem Mautner

democracies, open to global migration in post–Cold War Western Europe, have allowed the challenge to internal social and political order to become pressing and even acute, in some cases. The question of how to accommodate new ethnic and religious groups that

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Turkish-Israeli Relations during the Cold War

The Myth of a Long ‘Special Relationship’

Kilic Bugra Kanat

had developed a serious crisis of trust between Turkey and the Western European countries. Although Turkey had joined the Allies in the final days of the war, this was considered belated by the Western countries. Turkey’s recognition of Israel can be

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The New Economic Policy of 1962

How Israeli Economists Almost Changed the Israeli Economy

Ronen Mandelkern

Israeli exports was sent to Western Europe (see fig. 3 ), and especially to the six countries that then formed the European Common Market, this new development posed a potential risk to Israeli exports. In response, Israel was pursuing the grant of a

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Two Patterns of Modernization

An Analysis of the Ethnic Issue in Israel

Shlomo Fischer

). Modernization for European Jews entailed either joining or creating national collectivities that had a universalist cast to them. Post-Enlightenment and post-revolutionary states in Western Europe, in principle, extended citizenship to members of various

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Dan Avnon, Nitzan Lebovic, Raymond Cohen, Elie Friedman, Sara Helman, Gad Barzilai, and Ari Ariel

Israel . Current events in Western Europe and the US make clear that no country, not even liberal Western democracies, should take for granted the formal and substantive rule of law. Israel is challenged legally from various perspectives, including issues

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War and Memory

The Israeli Communist Commemoration of the Spanish Civil War, 1936–1986

Amir Locker-Biletzki

North America and Western Europe—to the new relationship between the citizen-soldier and the republic that was created during the French Revolution. The German wars of liberation against Napoleon marked the second phase of the development of the cult

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The Determination of Educational Policy

Shas, Politics, and Religion

Anat Feldman

in Spain.” Social Forces 94 : 237 – 269 . Foner , Nancy , and Richard Alba . 2008 . “ Immigrant Religion in the U.S. and Western Europe: Bridge or Barrier to Inclusion? ” International Migration Review 42 ( 2 ): 360 – 392 . 10.1111/j