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Language Revitalisation Models in Minority Language Contexts

Tensions between Ideologies of Authenticity and Anonymity

Bernadette O'Rourke

This article looks at the historicisation of the native speaker and ideologies of authenticity and anonymity in Europe's language revitalisation movements. It focuses specifically on the case of Irish in the Republic of Ireland and examines how the native speaker ideology and the opposing ideological constructs of authenticity and anonymity filter down to the belief systems and are discursively produced by social actors on the ground. For this I draw on data from ongoing fieldwork in the Republic of Ireland, drawing on interviews with a group of Irish language enthusiasts located outside the officially designated Irish-speaking Gaeltacht.

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Women and Sexuality in Contemporary Iran

When HIV Meets Government Morality

Kristin Soraya Batmanghelichi

In Iran, as in many countries worldwide, misinformation and ignorance of HIV/AIDS have encouraged a culture of secrecy and anonymity for those living with HIV. For many HIV-positive women, religious, political and economic pressures complicate their social status and access to health care. Moreover, they must contend with societal discrimination and stigmas associated with the condition. Adding nuance to contemporary studies on gender and sexuality in Iran, this report highlights the colourful narratives of a select group of HIV-positive mothers attending weekly wellness workshops in Tehran. Discussing issues of intimacy, modesty, motherhood and stigmatisation, this article explores one of Iran's expanding communities at risk of infection and the ways in which women with HIV negotiate the stigma of their condition in an Islamic Republic.

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Julienne Weegels

being harassed and/or reimprisoned. It was no coincidence that the programme I organized with former prisoners ended up being a radio rather than a television programme, guaranteeing the (relative) anonymity of the speakers. Similarly, the former

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Crafting Future Selves

Time-Tricking and the Limits of Temporal Play in Children’s Online Film-Making

Espen Helgesen

research has emphasized how the new possibilities afforded by online sociality have to do with the anonymity of users (see e.g. Meyers 2009 ). 5 Among the children in Kristiansand, however, sharing with friends, siblings and cousins was often the key

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Peter Oakley

of the money chains found in the wreck of the Santa Maria was over three meters in length. The simplicity of the money chain had another aspect—formal anonymity—that also supported its use as an object of exchange. Whereas the heraldic imagery of

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High-rise social failures

Regulating technologies, authority, and aesthetics in the resettlement of Taipei military villages

Elisa Tamburo

( tongbao ), to the anonymity of commercial housing ( Yan 2011 ; Zhang 2010 ). In Taipei, the fusion of one tight-knit community with three military communities added to safety concerns. “People are still adjusting to this place,” Mr. Liu, one of these

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Natures of Naturalism

Reaching Bedrock in Climate Science

Martin Skrydstrup

with reference to their titles in cases when anonymity is not requested and under pseudonyms when anonymity is preferred. 2 These images are available at . References Dahl-Jensen , Dorthe , Mary R

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Between Dreams and Traces

Memory, Temporality, and the Production of Sainthood in Lesbos

Séverine Rey

1998 ), I have not observed the usual rules of anonymity here. 7 A town near Istanbul (then Constantinople), northeast of the current Greece, close to the Turkish border. 8 See Poimēn 1962: 195. 9 See Poimēn 1969: 139. References Bishop of

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Non- and dedocumenting citizens in Romania

Nonrecording as a civil boundary

Ioana Vrăbiescu

maintain the anonymity of my interlocutors, I use pseudonyms throughout the article. 10 OUG 97/2005 and Law 290/2005, in addition to subsequent modifications. 11 There might be the presumption that the school managers will accept children without a birth

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Between Afropolitans and new Sankaras

Class mobility and the reproduction of academics in Burkina Faso

Michelle Engeler

include a male representative for present-day students as well, as the discussion of gender issues with regard to academic reproduction is not the key topic here. In order to guarantee their anonymity, all names contained are pseudonyms. 8. I spent a total