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Reality is What You Can Get Away With

Fantastic Imaginings, Rebellion and Control in Terry Gilliam's Brazil

Ben Wheeler

It is my intention here to explore the fictional and non-fictional texts that may have informed (or are at least isomorphic to) the sentiments articulated in this seminal dystopian film. The film centres on the struggles of protagonist Sam Lowry (Jonathon Pryce), a cog in the impersonal machinery of the bureaucracy that governs Brazil's society who desires anonymity within consensus reality, but in his dreams is a winged warrior fighting noble battles with symbolic adversaries. Sam finds he is increasingly unable to successfully reconcile or differentiate these paradoxical existences as they begin to bleed into one another throughout the film.

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Thomas Meagher and Farhang Erfani

humanity,” “insurrection-in-itself,” and “coercive anonymity,” to name a few, and, although “normative gaze” is rightly attributed to West, Stover's analysis really makes the term his own. However, these terms rarely receive much elaboration, and while the

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‘And gret wel Chaucer whan ye mete’

Chaucer’s Earliest Readers, Addressees and Audiences

Sebastian Sobecki

willed anonymity was the default condition of texts, where retractions relied for their effect on the intentional fallacy, and where the death of the writer became the birth of the author. As concerns Chaucer’s earliest readers, one of the most exciting

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Nicole Hudgins

photographs of the nineteenth century were the levels of industrial production of images of the latter, and the anonymity of the producers between 1914 and 1918. But although the World War I photographs were the product of an industrial, “totalizing” national

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Joanna Bourke

Side of Web Anonymity,” Bloomberg Businessweek , 1 May 2008, (accessed 1 December 2017). 42 Martie P. Thompson and Deidra J. Morrison, “Prospective Predictors of

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“Welcome to Divinity College”

Subjectification in Pilgrimage to the Iran-Iraq War Battlefields in Contemporary Iran

Mahshid Zandi

-forever, and personalized for those awaiting the still-unreturned. The graves of anonymous martyrs are, thus, a space of imagination for the visitors. The anonymity of the dead allows RN visitors to imagine how young these soldiers must have been, what they

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Neoliberalism, Hedonism and the Dying Public

Reclaiming Political Agency through the Exercise of Courage

Grant M. Sharratt and Erik Wisniewski

part of identity is the merely necessary; we are often no longer able to act in public, to display courage and lay claim to identities before others. As workers, we all have our places in the modern economy, and this relative anonymity of position

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Elizabeth S. Leet

gaze are not always male. In particular, Lanval feels the gaze on his body when lustful Queen Guinevere attempts to seduce him. As soon as Guinevere propositions him, Lanval reneges on his solemn vow to protect his mistress’s anonymity. He invokes his

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American Extraterritorial Legislation

The Data Gathering behind the Sanctions

Ali Laïdi

to stop automatic deletions on the company's server(s), a common and regular procedure that avoids overloading the hard drives. If the investigation is triggered by a whistleblower within a company, management must guarantee their anonymity, protect

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Fadi Amer

Marlor argues that modern scientific knowledge-creation must perform anonymity to be perceived as legitimate and fit for political appropriation (2010). Barbara Sutton, moreover, depicts the centrality of physically manifesting discontent to transcend