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A Structure of Antipathy

Constructing the Villain in Narrative Film

Jens Kjeldgaard-Christiansen

provided adequate answers to these questions. As Carl Plantinga has noted in Moving Viewers, “much more attention is generally paid to empathy and sympathy than to antipathy, indifference, and mixed feelings, as though viewers were prone to compassion and

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The Gallic Rooster Crows Again

The Paradox of French Anti-Americanism

Richard Kuisel

“Those damned French!” That was President Eisenhower’s reaction back in 1954 when the French National Assembly killed an American-sponsored scheme for a European defense force.1 Almost 50 years later, Senator John McCain, in an off-the-cuff remark during the election primary last year, referred to a minor diplomatic dustup as “one of the many reasons I hate the French.”2 In Washington today such language, at least voiced by officials in public, is extremely rare. But the French, inadvertently to be sure, often seem to provide ample cause for such antipathy. Today, as in the early years of the cold war, the French have taken the lead in bashing the United States.

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A Transtextual Hermeneutic Journey

Horst Rosenthal's Mickey au camp de Gurs (1942)

Yaakova Sacerdoti

and security to control their situation and the reality of their victimhood. Though blind and naive, the victims are alazons who do not inspire disgust or antipathy. Unlike those on the other side of the divide, their self-deception leads readers to

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Ted Nannicelli

starting point for constructing an analogous “structure of antipathy.” Our issue is rounded out with four reviews of important and exciting new books, but Kjeldgaard-Christiansen's discussion of the cinematic construction of moral agency and moral

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Laura T. Di Summa-Knoop

the latter is understood as something capable of “expanding” our minds, a hypothesis that Smith supports and strongly relies on. And the second is because multifaceted, shifting, and complex moral affiliations, and antipathy, may stem not just from

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Laura T. Di Summa

pay attention to if we are to appreciate it. Critics write what it is to experience wonder, awe, frustration, antipathy, and the whole set of affective responses that accompany the reception of artworks. Students in my philosophy of motion pictures

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James Joyce's “The Sisters”

Implied Pederasty and Interpreting the Inexpressible

Barry Ryan

the crackers because he does not want to call attention to himself” (1982: 10). Actually, there is an implied mutual antipathy during the vigil that is never made explicit: “[The] old woman's mutterings distracted me. I noticed how clumsily her skirt

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Emma Findlen LeBlanc

Islamic law is by its nature not suitable for codification’ ( 1964: 92 ). Muhammad Masud and colleagues describe a long-standing antipathy among Islamic authorities towards the compromises required in applying sharia as state law, ‘reflected in a number of

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Clay Clemens

her refugee policy gave her some immunity from attack. Meanwhile, broad antipathy for Donald Trump underscored her global stature, and she continued outpolling any likely spd rival. With support for the Union stabilizing in surveys, in November 2016

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A Spectre Haunting Europe

Angela Merkel and the Challenges of Far-Right Populism

Joyce Marie Mushaben

antipathies they developed earlier. Those sentiments would have been rendered dormant during the intervening years by their need to pursue low-paid, undervalued forms of employment after gdr firms disappeared; they might have been further mollified by a