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Young Delinquency as a Social Product in an Age of Correction

The Chicago School’s Struggle to Humanize Transgression

Shane Blackman

structural or near authoritarian narrative at work here, where selected stories craft young delinquents as antisocial and thereby affirm their hopelessness. Salerno thus raises the issue that delinquents may describe themselves as “aggressive,” but as

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Ambivalent Sexualities in a Transnational Context

Romanian and Bulgarian Migrant Male Sex Workers in Berlin

Victor Trofimov

/sexual roles, translating into less authoritarian and violent discourses and practices” ( 2013: 107 ). While I agree with Mai that the experience of migration may allow Romanian and Bulgarian male migrants who do sex work in Berlin to experience greater

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Girl, Interrupted and Continued

Rethinking the Influence of Elena Fortún’s Celia

Ana Puchau de Lecea

girlhood and an authoritarian reaction by grown-ups and educational or religious institutions towards personal empowerment. Conclusion Seen in its historical context, Elena Fortún’s “Celia and Her World” remains a unique and entertaining children’s book

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Robyn Singleton, Jacqueline Carter, Tatianna Alencar, Alicia Piñeirúa-Menéndez, and Kate Winskell

via physical dominance and substance use while promoting an alternative masculinity that embraces companionate relationships and urban lifestyles. The primarily rural-based male characters who embrace an authoritarian model of relating with their

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Robert Morrell


The study of masculinity in South Africa scarcely existed in 1990. A minor interest in gender was focused on women and inequality. South Africa was emerging from four decades of apartheid. It was into this environment that Raewyn Connell's ideas were introduced, adopted and adapted. Raewyn herself made a number of trips to South Africa in the 1990s and 2000s and found a ready reception for her theories about masculinity. South Africa was in transition feeling its way from white minority rule and authoritarianism toward democracy and a commitment to ending poverty, inequality, racism, and the oppression of women. In this article, I describe how Raewyn's idea energized scholarship, created a new research interest in men and masculinity, and contributed to gender activism.

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Los Roldán and the Inclusion of Travesti Narratives

Representations of Gender-Nonconforming Identities in Argentinian Telenovelas

Martín Ponti


In Argentina, trans people have experienced extreme marginalization exacerbated by authoritarian dictatorships. Despite this history, since the return of democracy in the 1980s Argentina has witnessed legislative changes as an outcome of extensive trans activism. Travestis became more visible as they protested police brutality. Travesti mobilization brought more visibility, specifically within the media industries. To elucidate their participation in media, this article focuses on travesti celebrity Florencia de la V in Los Roldán (2004–, Telefe). I examine the representation of travestis on telenovelas and how fictional characters have an effect on structuring a star's career through the telenovelas’ ability to blur the distinctions between character and star. Ultimately, this article questions the introduction of mainstream audiences to gender-nonconforming characters through the industry's incorporation of travesti stars in relation to themes of scandal and domesticity. I build on the work of trans scholars Blas Radi and Lohana Berkins, who theorize travesti identities as politicized non-binary bodies.

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The Men and the Boys, Twenty Years On

Revisiting Raewyn Connell's Pivotal Text

Victoria Cann, Sebastián Madrid, Kopano Ratele, Anna Tarrant, Michael R.M. Ward, and Raewyn Connell

transition, feeling its way from white minority rule and authoritarianism toward democracy and a commitment to ending poverty, inequality, racism, and the oppression of women. This article provides valuable insights about how Raewyn's ideas traveled

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“Banal Apocalypse”

An Interview with Author Ta-wei Chi on the New Translation of The Membranes

Jane Chi Hyun Park and Ta-wei Chi

nationalistic. In fact, many older readers in Taiwan also know the fact that the Momotarosan story is obviously authoritarian rather than naïvely childish. However, it has been common among many readers in Taiwan to overlook the political/imperial implications

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Peter Lurie, Antonio Sanna, Hansen Hsu, Ella Houston, and Kristof van Baarle

. Bogost’s provocation that Steve Jobs was a “fascist” in chapter 7 is barely fleshed out, based on Jobs’ known authoritarian attitudes and a connection between fascism and modernist design. It would be more interesting to explore why Apple users, who

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Joan Njagi

their concerns without social and cultural judgment on their expressing their sexuality. However, while the helpline presents an opportunity to address girls’ SRH needs, it adopts the same moralistic, didactic, and authoritarian approaches used by their