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Consuming Katniss

Spectacle and Spectatorship in The Hunger Games

Samantha Poulos

this advice into the interview. “ Be honest, I think. Be honest ” ( Collins 2008: 153 ). As well as demonstrating that Katniss's strength is her authenticity, this insight into her thought process and calculation of how she is being seen introduces

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Dutch Economic Textbooks in the 1970s

Raising the Status of a New Secondary School Type by Means of Mathematical Abstraction

Gerrit F. Gorter, Hilda T. A. Amsing, and Jeroen J. H. Dekker

calculations are absent in this textbook. However, we do find tables and descriptive diagrams with references to real world situations. The German textbook Gesellschaft und Wirtschaft (Society and the economy) by Wimmer and Hartwig (first edition, 1969) is a

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Assessment rubrics

Thinking inside the boxes

Cary Bennett

that have been rated well on individual criterion but lack overall lustre or scholarly sophistication. Following the logic and calculation of scoring rubrics, this would lead to an outcome in which mediocre essays are rated higher than admirable ones

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Kira Mahamud Angulo and Yovana Hernández Laina

of respecting economic freedoms but not human rights might seem contradictory to us today. 93 It also constituted proof of the need to apply rational politics for the regime’s survival—a policy “involving the calculation of advantage and

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Teaching internationalisation?

Surveying the lack of pedagogical and theoretical diversity in American International Relations

Christopher R. Cook

fixed around a rational calculation of military and financial power. The only pluralism and diversity between states is power. But the school of constructivism is built around identity creation. Copeland (2000: 187) points out that ‘intersubjectively

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Kaoru Miyazawa

through precise planning and calculation, the goals and paths of this new collective journey are unpredictable and uncertain. However, it is a worthwhile risk to take. Acknowledgments I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Nancy Lesko for guiding my

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Thebes Troutman as Traveling Tween

Revising the Family Story

Margaret Steffler

Bhabha identifies as the “liminal movement of the culture of the nation,” posing in its “strategy of intervention,” a “supplementary question” that may “disturb the calculation” (1994: 222), in this case, of the family. In the restratification of new

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War Memories and Online Encyclopedias

Framing 30 June 1941 in Wikipedia

Mykola Makhortykh

among the articles on the Declaration may be ascribed to the small number of internal links (as in the Czech article), resulting in high indexes under the current calculation formula, or to the use of an article from another language version as a model

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Eulalia Guzmán and Walt Disney’s Educational Films

A Pedagogical Proposal for “Literacy for the Americas” in Mexico (1942–1944)

María Rosa Gudiño Cejudo

Translator : Stephen Torgoff

, according to their calculations, because of an insufficient number of teachers and parents who did not send their children to school during the planting and harvesting season. These observations were used to validate their plan to use educational films “as

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Jay Mechling

the selflessness of these acts, and we should believe the testimony by the recipients that they were not “heroes.” This is not false modesty but an expression of the truth that acts of altruism on the battlefield originate not in rational calculation