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Dennis Klein

This article looks at the significance of local circumstances, including direct encounters between victims and assailants, in the genocide process. In what scholars term “the micropolitical turn in the study of social violence,“ the argument here considers the encounter from the perspectives of both constituent parties. Assailants often acted before they thought, raising questions about the premise of intention and calculation that anchors the defining Article 2 in the United Nations Genocide Convention. Victims in local encounters express in their accounts a recognition of their assailants and describe what amounts to a betrayal of the trust they invested in their compatriots. Expressions of recognition in witness accounts attenuate victims' resentment and recrimination, opening a space that permitted possibilities for postgenocide reconciliation and even qualified forgiveness.

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Looking for the Way Out

The Attribution of Treatment Responsibility among Greek and German Actors in the Eurozone Crisis Debate

Jochen Roose, Moritz Sommer, and Maria Kousis

.3 10.4 16.6 Other actors 2.7 1.5 2.4 Total 100.0 100.0 100.0 N (Sample: grc : 67%, ger : 100%, Reuters: 25%) 2,277 1,220 1,442 Source: Calculations based on ggcrisi project. The presence of the

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Kai Krüger

possible approach was to ask whether there are differences between the four major textbook publishers. To answer this question, I developed the following formula and carried out a sample calculation using the argument “currency reform” and the case of the

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Vittorio Bufacchi

plagues Regan's MH principle. Whether inflicting an inferior degree of harm is sufficient or not should not be established by the perpetrator of the harm, nor by improbable mathematical calculations, but by those being harmed. Going back to the example of

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Stanley Chojnacki

father’s brothers, his two married sisters and their husbands, and his mother- and father-in-law. By my calculation, that assemblage represented six agnate lineages and five marriage connections. 20 At the very least, Leonardo Priuli consciously planted

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Investing in Early Crisis Relief or Reelection?

Comparing German Party Responses to the Euro Crisis

Alexandra Hennessy

. Strategic calculations vs. personality Alternative accounts might argue that Merkel’s slow crisis management is a function of her temperament rather than strategic calculations. Jennifer Yoder 33 describes her as “slow, steady, and deliberate” in her

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’Tis but a Habit in an Unconsolidated Democracy

Habitual Voting, Political Alienation and Spectatorship

Anthony Lawrence A. Borja

. habit is produced, not through mere repetition but out of the alignment of an initial calculation and eventual behaviour with a consistent context – an alignment that will ease future calculations and facilitate the repetition of a behaviour. I note that

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Kira Mahamud Angulo and Yovana Hernández Laina

of respecting economic freedoms but not human rights might seem contradictory to us today. 93 It also constituted proof of the need to apply rational politics for the regime’s survival—a policy “involving the calculation of advantage and

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Leslie Paul Thiele and Marshall Young

the faculty of practical judgment wholly in the crucible of worldly experience is problematic. But if abstract principle cannot be translated into workable practice through calculation and cogitation alone, is there any choice but to hone the faculty

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Distributional Concept Analysis

A Computational Model for History of Concepts

Peter De Bolla, Ewan Jones, Paul Nulty, Gabriel Recchia, and John Regan

or lengths of the documents in which the lexical co-associations occur do not figure in the calculation. Like most computational linguists, we see this as an advantage: the measure is sensitive to the number of co-associations, and not to the number