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Road Works

Some Observations on Representing Roads

Peter Merriman

Roads may be represented in many different media and cultural forms, from planning documents and maps to postage stamps, children's books, and postcards. While there has been a tendency among some scholars to study representations for what they can tell us about the history of particular road schemes, this article argues that roads are constructed and consumed as much through paper plans, financial calculations, popular representations, and public imaginations as through concrete and steel on the ground. Representations of roads “matter,” and the article suggests that scholars should study the broad array of representations through which the meanings of roads are produced, circulated, and consumed.

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Kaloyan Haralampiev and Georgi Dimitrov

1 Spearman’s rank correlation coefficients between initial indicators and the total rank (in descending order) Indicator Spearman’s correlation Source: Our own calculation based on data taken from statistical factsheets for each

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New Mobilities, Spaces, and Ideas to Market

European Travel Writers and the Making of a Genre—Comment

Steven D. Spalding

happens the crossing occurred at night, what they “see” with the aid of their careful scientific calculation of the exact moment of physical crossing of the equator—a brilliant detail—is an encounter with the sublime, a sensation of fullness that for them

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At the Threshold to the New World

Equator Crossings, Sunsets, and Claude Lévi-Strauss’s Tristes Tropiques

Michael Bies

of the crossing of the equator with the mentioning of the Holy Mass. They conclude the account of the ceremonies performed during the day with the description of the exact moment when, during the night of 29 June, “according to the calculations,” they

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Autonomous Driving and the Transformation of Car Cultures

Jutta Weber and Fabian Kröger

social environment. The vehicles might still be anthropomorphized, only this would occur beyond specific interpellative regimes based on masculinity, speed, risk taking, and calculation. Nevertheless, this process is unlikely to take the form of

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Manuel Stoffers, Blake Morris, Alan Meyer, Younes Saramifar, Andrew Cobbing, Martin Emanuel, Rudi Volti, Caitlin Starr Cohn, Caitríona Leahy, and Sunny Stalter-Pace

, according to their calculations, meant far more efficient use of scarce resources, rubber in particular, they should not be kept completely off the civilian market. Bicycle production and sales were controlled during the war, but in fact, the federal

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Lazy Labor, Modernization, and Coloniality

Mobile Cultures between the Andes and the Amazon around 1900

Jaime Moreno Tejada

from Quito and “discovered” the Amazon by traveling down the Napo in 1541. 36 There was among urban Ecuadorian elites a sense of entitlement, opportunity, and duty. Railway plans were plentiful and their scientific and financial calculations provided

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Christopher Howard and Wendelin Küpers

of forces.” 61 In this situation, all mystery will fade from the world, as everything will seemingly lend itself immediately to the calculation and control of scientific technology. Technology provides a semblance of mastery over objects, even

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Michael K. Bess, David Lipset, Kudzai Matereke, Stève Bernardin, Katharine Bartsch, Harry Oosterhuis, Samuel Müller, Frank Schipper, Benjamin D’Harlingue, and Katherine Roeder

calculations” (53). The four chapters of the first part deal with the coordination of transport policies at the international level. Gilles Forster shows how the fiction of a competition between companies helped to foster an unexpected cooperation during World

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Reconceptualizing Transit States in an Era of Outsourcing, Offshoring, and Obfuscation

Antje Missbach and Melissa Phillips

calculations within a highly interdependent global environment. To do this, the contributors consider the distinct migratory histories and legal traditions behind recent policy and legal changes (Álvarez Velasco), the complex political economies and cultural