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Vittorio Bufacchi

plagues Regan's MH principle. Whether inflicting an inferior degree of harm is sufficient or not should not be established by the perpetrator of the harm, nor by improbable mathematical calculations, but by those being harmed. Going back to the example of

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Who Governs in Deep Crises?

The Case of Germany

Wolfgang Merkel

France, Italy, Spain, and New York were to be avoided in Germany. There is also a third factor. German epidemiologists’ model-based calculations suggested for worse-case or even normal-case scenarios a bleak picture. The talk was not of thousands, but

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Humanosphere Potentiality Index

Appraising Existing Indicators from a Long-term Perspective

Takahiro Sato, Mario Ivan López, Taizo Wada, Shiro Sato, Makoto Nishi, and Kazuo Watanabe

included, although efforts have been made through the calculation of genuine savings or net adjusted savings ( Hamilton and Clemens 1999 ; Hartwick 1990 ; Neumayer 2013 ). As such, GDP cannot be taken as a reliable gauge of individual and collective well

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Ferenc Bódi, Jenő Zsolt Farkas, and Péter Róbert

along Micro-level Indicators   V4 + S4 Countries V4 Countries S4 Countries   F-value * Eta 2 F-value * Eta 2 F-value * Eta 2 Source: ESS (2012) (own calculation). Own situation 398.934 0.160 111.235 0.043 75.535 0.31 Ability to change 284.898 0

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Muhammad Yasir Ali and Ka Lin

.5 No other source 379 89.8 In the data calculation, we used a five-point Likert scale and calculated the index values of the five points from 1 (the most negative response) to 5 (the most positive response). The data extracted with the

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’Tis but a Habit in an Unconsolidated Democracy

Habitual Voting, Political Alienation and Spectatorship

Anthony Lawrence A. Borja

. habit is produced, not through mere repetition but out of the alignment of an initial calculation and eventual behaviour with a consistent context – an alignment that will ease future calculations and facilitate the repetition of a behaviour. I note that

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Leslie Paul Thiele and Marshall Young

the faculty of practical judgment wholly in the crucible of worldly experience is problematic. But if abstract principle cannot be translated into workable practice through calculation and cogitation alone, is there any choice but to hone the faculty

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Distributional Concept Analysis

A Computational Model for History of Concepts

Peter De Bolla, Ewan Jones, Paul Nulty, Gabriel Recchia, and John Regan

or lengths of the documents in which the lexical co-associations occur do not figure in the calculation. Like most computational linguists, we see this as an advantage: the measure is sensitive to the number of co-associations, and not to the number

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The Economics of Decolonisation

Institutions, Education and Elite Formation

Nicola Viegi

, available in Mitchell (1998) . Table 2 Number of Children in primary school as % of the total population (Source: Author’s calculations on Mitchell 1998 data)   1930 1950 Ghana 0.01892 0.07455 Sierra Leone 0.00848 0.01515 Nigeria 0.00971 0.03284 Average 0

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Teppo Eskelinen

money for, say, seeds, assumes a financial risk for the duration of waiting repayment from the next crop. Further, an insurance company can sell the farmer (or the money lender) an insurance for a price determined on the basis of this calculation. In