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Ben Herzog

considerations on the construction of the citizenship laws in Israel. I endeavor to illustrate the relationship between pragmatic calculations and ethical judgments as legislators deliberated on the formulation of the citizenship laws. Citizenship scholars

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Ian S. Lustick

-economic pressures were entirely secondary to political calculations. Both the settlers and their governmental allies were stunned by the Yamit evacuation, including Gush Emunim’s failure to stop it. They were forced by this defeat to conclude that it was no longer

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Karl Mertens

vehicles is intended to indicate an operator with minimum cargo. The fuel consumption figures are rough calculations from particular trips. Traveling Conditions There are several factors that affect vehicle choice and conditions of use, including winter

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“Where Do You Get Fish?”

Practices of Individual Supplies in Yamal as an Indicator of Social Processes

Elena Liarskaya

nor regular transport connections between Labytnangi and these settlements. 26 How do these trips work? First, they are quite costly: it makes financial sense only if one purchases a lot. If we leave aside cases of reselling, complex calculations are

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Ksenia Gavrilova

”), very much like their parents’ generation. Such biographies can actually be found, and it is obvious in these cases that the annual calculation of the local population loss only obscures the situation. The administration does not count the return flow

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Migration Destination Choice as a Criterion of Self-Identification

The Case of Young People Leaving Noril’sk and Dudinka

Nadezhda Zamyatina

The technical part of the work and calculations were done by my colleague, mathematician A. D. Yashunskiy. 10 From answers to the open-ended question “Which city—Moscow or St. Petersburg—do you like better and why?” 11 These are taken from responses to

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The End Point of Zionism

Ethnocentrism and the Temple Mount

Tomer Persico

is a divine commandment imposed on each and every one [of the Jews]. Not so the matter of the Temple Mount. This is of another order of calculations, with esoteric issues that we do not understand” ( H. Segal 1987: 232 ). This approach was the simple

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Rural Poverty in Jordan

Assessment and Characterisation

Mohamed Tarawneh and Abdel Hakim Al Husban

Adopting a qualitative anthropological approach, this report discusses and critiques dominant theoretical currents in the study of poverty and presents a more qualitative analysis of the topic. Through an examination of rural Jordan, new sets of concepts and calculations on poverty - both qualitative and quantitative - have been forged. The research indicates that poverty, as an economic fact, can easily be manipulated and treated as a numerical game. As a social fact, poverty is seen in terms of complex coping strategies that are managed within a framework of social norms.

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Kaloyan Haralampiev and Georgi Dimitrov

1 Spearman’s rank correlation coefficients between initial indicators and the total rank (in descending order) Indicator Spearman’s correlation Source: Our own calculation based on data taken from statistical factsheets for each

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Replenishing Milk Sons

Changing Kinship Practices among the Sahrāwī, North Africa

Konstantina Isidoros

genealogical calculations, women may be ‘taking men’ rather than men ‘giving women’. Although Remco Ensel’s Moroccan h̩arāt̩in study, comparable with the wider Sahrāwī demography, observes milk kinship as primarily between people of unequal status creating