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Asma Abbas

that we, who have always known how to grieve better and more consistently than our murderers, take a chance on each other and decolonize our complaints while we do so. Why not seize the moment and call the bloody bluff of capital and colony in crisis

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Experiencing Graduated Intimacies during Lockdown (Fengcheng)

A Reflexive and Comparative Approach to the COVID-19 Pandemic in Urban China

Junjie Chen

In this article, I examine the ways in which the recent, nationwide ‘lockdown’ (fengcheng) in China, caused by the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, has abruptly reshaped daily intimacy practices of urban residents. Highlighting the lockdown in a southeast coastal city in the broader context of China’s post-socialist transformations, I propose that class distinctions have profoundly reconfigured local citizens’ daily experiences, producing a system of what might be termed ‘graduated intimacies’. To further contextualize these urban citizens’ experiences of intimacy under the current transnational geo-biopolitics associated with the pandemic, I provide a reflexive and comparative ethnographic look at the national capital of Beijing. In so doing, I offer a glimpse into the lives of several sets of Chinese citizens at an unexpected historical moment induced by a grave public health crisis extending well beyond China’s national borders.

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Legal regimes under pandemic conditions: A comparative anthropology

Geoffrey Hughes

: The Making of National Identity in Jordan ( New York : Columbia University Press ). Marx , K. ( 1976 ), Capital: A Critique of Political Economy , vol. 1 , trans. Ben Fowkes (1867; repr., London : Penguin ).

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Jodi Dean

no longer seemed the province of capital. They were a commons, available to anyone. State command ceased to have a hold. In “Left-wing Communism: An Infantile Disorder,” Lenin sets out the fundamental law of revolution. He writes: for a

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Ulrike Guérot and Michael Hunklinger

introduction of other, comparable goods from Europe in their supermarkets or to discriminate products by nationality. Today the EU is no longer about equal conditions for goods or capital, but about full equality of rights for European citizens. Now, more

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David Owen

et al. 2011 . “ The Financial Cost of Doctors Emigrating from Sub-Saharan Africa: Human Capital Analysis .” . de Bengy Puyvallee Antoine and Sonja Kittelsen . 2019 . “ Disease Knows No Borders: Pandemics

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Ethnographic witnessing

Or, hope is the first anthropological emotion

Carole McGranahan

, narrative capital, and uncertainty in the politics of asylum ’, Medical Anthropology 34 , no. 6 : 551 – 571 . 10.1080/01459740.2015.1074576 Biehl , K. S. ( 2015 ), ‘ Governing through uncertainty: Experiences of being a refugee in Turkey as a

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Marcos S. Scauso, Garrett FitzGerald, Arlene B. Tickner, Navnita Chadha Behera, Chengxin Pan, Chih-yu Shih, and Kosuke Shimizu

vulnerable members of society must remain functional to serve and protect the life requirements of the middle classes and capital owners, even at the risk to their own lives. The experience of people living in the slums with poor access to food or clean

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Coronavirus with “Nobody in Charge”

An open reflection on leadership, solidarity, and contemporary regional integration

Harlan Koff and Carmen Maganda

. . Limas Hernandez , A. ( 2014 ). (In)seguridad humana, violencia feminicida, democracia y capital