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Getting Medieval on Steven Pinker

Violence and Medieval England

Sara M. Butler

conform to our needs. Criminologists measure violence by the number of homicides per 100,000 population per year. In an era with reliable census data, as well as solid record keeping by the Bureau of Justice (or equivalent institutions in nations across

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Bonnie White

training. As the workforce became more specialized, it also shrank. The 1921 census showed that 1.4 million men and women were employed in agriculture, down from 2.3 million in 1911. 53 The greatest decline was between 1919 and 1923, with the most rapid

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Richard Bessel

’s Stationery Office, Census of England and Wales 1921: Preliminary Report (London, 1921), 62, (accessed 13 March 2018). 16 Taylor, “Rationing Crime,” 570–571. 17 Ibid., 588. 18 Spierenburg, “Faces

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Times of Democracy

The Unavoidable Democracy of Mid-Nineteenth-Century Denmark

Anne Engelst Nørgaard

chamber, a strong monarch with an absolute veto, and restrictions on suffrage in terms of census or separate “class elections.” 46 When democracy became a popular concept in 1848, conservative actors applied it to the creation of a broad franchise, a

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Stanley Chojnacki

’s wealth as registered in the Catasto, or fiscal census, of 1427. 7 There are no equivalent Venetian figures, but marriage contracts spell out in detail the annual rents from the real estate portion—often substantial—of many dowries. In their contract of

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Migration to the “First Large Suburban Ghetto” in America

Korean Immigrant Merchants in South Central Los Angeles in the 1980s

Chanhaeng Lee

the United States. According to Hyun Sook Kim and Pyong Gap Min, who conducted a demographic analysis of the 1980 United States Census, 31.6 percent of the Korean immigrants who were at least 25 years of age had completed four years of college

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The Specter of Communism

Denmark, 1848

Bertel Nygaard

“the well-known communist and socialist theories” had emerged not in the context of universal suffrage, but in the France of the July Monarchy, “under a franchise law limiting suffrage by a census of 200 Francs or 70 Rigsbankdaler in annual taxes.” 61

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Beyond the Myth of Lesbian Montmartre

The Case of Chez Palmyre

Leslie Choquette

, 4. 58 On the 1910 voting roster, Georges Giguet of 45 rue Saussure is listed as a “commercial employee.” For the 1926 Paris census, still living at the same address, he identified himself as a “traveling salesman.” ADP, Listes électorales, 17e

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Theo Jung, Cristian Roiban, Gregor Feindt, Alexandra Medzibrodszky, Henna-Riikka Pennanen, and Anna Björk

deftly compares the discourses of unemployment in late nineteenth-century Germany and France by investigating statistical data on Arbeitslosigkeit and chômage , respectively, in the population censuses. The differences between the semantics of nonwork