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Ferenc Bódi, Jenő Zsolt Farkas, and Péter Róbert

in connection with development and objective well-being were taken from the Eurostat Regions database and the 2011 population census. Besides the application of the micro-macro data in the international comparison, the study goes beyond the fact that

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David, Émile

Les ambivalences de l’identité juive de Durkheim

Matthieu Béra

This is based on research that has discovered crucial, hitherto unknown biographical information. First, I review the theories of authors who helped to generate the whole 'affair' of Durkheim's two pre-names, most often in seeing it as a way to interrogate his relation with Judaism. Next, I discuss how the issue comes with elements that are incomplete or inexact. It is then to present new evidence of Durkheim's ambivalence and changing attitude towards his first, identifiably Jewish pre-name. The census records during his time at Bordeaux show that he registered himself as 'David' in 1891 and 1896, but abandoned this and switched to 'Émile' in 1901. Accordingly, I examine possible interpretations of the change, in terms of the political context of the Dreyfus Affair, events in his family life, his institutional position, his growing reputation, and a programme of research in which he resolved on a scientific treatment of religion.

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The Role of Small-Scale Farming in Familial Care

Reducing Work Risks Stemming from the Market Economy in Northeast Thailand

Shinsuke Tomita, Mario Ivan Lopez, and Yasuyuki Kono

census suggests migration as shown in Figure 3 , and migrants from the north and the northeast head to Bangkok and the central region. Migrants, both male and female, from their late teens to their forties are more likely to reside in Bangkok and the

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Ian Mahoney and Tony Kearon

( ONS 2012 ). While it has experienced growing levels of migration, at the 2011 census the city still had a higher-than-average proportion of white British residents—more than 88 percent compared with a national average of 80.5 percent ( Stoke

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Muhammad Yasir Ali and Ka Lin

and Housing Census 2017 .” . Schalock , R. L. , M. A. Verdugo , C. Jenaro , M. Wang , M. Wehmeyer , X. Jiancheng , and Y

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In Memoriam

W. S. F. Pickering

William Watts Miller

religion from many angles and through a wide range of concerns. This is evident from his work, already mentioned, on the Hutterites ( Pickering 1977 , 1982 ), from articles covering such diverse topics as the 1851 religious census, the modern persistence

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Nicolas Sembel

Épinal’ – such as the portrait of the hook-nosed, wandering Jew – and these formed part of Durkheim’s (and Mauss’s) childhood and adolescence. In 1771, the census listed only a single Jewish head of family; thanks to immigration, the community went from

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Four Dimensions of Societal Transformation

An Introduction to the Problematique of Ukraine

Zuzana Novakova

highest figure in Ukraine’s independent history, while only 6 percent consider themselves Russians ( RC 2017a ). There is lack of comparable data in this respect: in the official 1989 population census, more than 22 percent of Ukraine’s population

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The Rule of Law—A Heuristic Perspective?

Social Survey (ESS) data from 2012 were used; the macro-level indicators in connection with development and objective well-being were taken from the Eurostat Regions database and the 2011 population census. The authors argue that the two country groups

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A Dignified Meal

Negotiated Spaces in India’s School Meal Program

Sony Pellissery, Sattwick Dey Biswas, and Biju Abraham

shall be deployed for any non-educational purposes other than the decennial population census, disaster relief duties or duties relating to elections to the local authority or the State Legislatures or Parliament, as the case may be.” However, both