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Sanaz Nasirpour

activists and feminists in the diaspora. Accordingly, the data for this article consists of interviews 1 with Iranian women’s rights activists who are currently outside Iran with online anthropology/ethnography in cyberspace. Through content analysis of

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Beth Pickard

reviewed a range of methodological options, Qualitative Content Analysis (QCA) was selected as a method of data analysis in order to understand not only the frequency of particular incidences or inclusion criteria but also the potentially more implicit

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Tamara L. Mix

Employing an interpretive content analysis of online forums, the author examines use of environmental themes by the United States white separatist movement in its efforts to seek legitimacy and garner a broad base of support. The contemporary white separatist movement draws upon latent National Socialist environmental discursive frames linked to history, spirituality, and stewardship. The lack of a specific position on the environment in the movement permits the manipulation of environmental themes to appeal to a wide range of audiences. Appeals to right wing environmental, population, and anti-environmental audiences include a discourse of environmental skepticism, concerns about immigration and overpopulation and discussion of rights to nature and land. Appeals to left wing and mainstream audiences involve expressions of environmental concern, preservation, stewardship, and rights of nature. A narrative of networking using environmentalism's broad appeal, perceived concerns regarding immigration and population growth, and similarities in racial characteristics was also evident.

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Just War

The Metaphysics of Police Vigilantism in India

Beatrice Jauregui

This article describes and explains “police vigilantism” as a mode of authoritative extralegal coercion performed by public police officials conceived as doing their duty to realize justice in the world. Based on ethnographic observations, interviews, and content analysis of news and entertainment media as well as official government reports, this essay examines a specific form of police vigilantism in contemporary India known as “encounter killings”. Demonstrating that encounter killings are widely constituted as a form of ritual purification and social defense by self-sacrificing police, it theorizes a metaphysics of police vigilantism in India that combines generalized experiences of insecurity with shared cosmologies of just war. Comparing this metaphysics with justifications of state violence in other Global South contexts, this study sheds light on how such violence may be legitimated through the conceptual inextricability of law and war as embodied in a uniquely constituted human figure: the police vigilante.

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Automobility and Oil Vulnerability

Unfairness as Critical to Energy Transitions

Ana Horta

transport. The article then briefly presents the results of a content analysis of television news during a period of oil crisis, when transport fuel prices skyrocketed. The analysis is focused on how high prices were framed in the news as unfair. The article

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Dearly Departed

Communicating with the Dead in the Digital Age

Jennifer Huberman

instance, in a content analysis of 244 online memorial sites, gerontologists de Vries and Rutherford (2004: 5) found that online memorials “were more likely to be written to the deceased (e.g., in the form of a letter) rather than about or for the

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Victoria C. Ramenzoni and David Yoskowitz

indicator and intent of report, domains of indicators, list of indicators, characteristics of the target population (sample size, unit of analysis), limits, benefits, connections to policy implementation, and observations. Analysis The content analysis was

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‘But Isn’t It the Baby that Decides When It Will Be Born?’

Temporality and Women’s Embodied Experiences of Giving Birth

Joanna White

iterative content analysis approach. 4 It should be noted that all but two of the women in the sub-sample presented were from a white, middle-class, professional background. Research with women from other backgrounds might elicit contrasting experiences

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Making Sense of the Human-Nature Relationship

A Reception Study of the “Nature Is Speaking” Campaign on YouTube

Ulrika Olausson

for testing the validity and reliability of its results are “logic and credibility of argumentation, backed up by quotes from the texts.” Whereas most qualitative methods for content analysis focus only on written or spoken material, MCDA also pays

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Paula Booke and Todd J. Wiebe

ability to find past election results for a given state? 2.15 1.95 1.95 1.57 * p < .05 ** p < .01 *** p < .001 Analysis of research journals In addition to the quasi-experiment, this article reports the content analysis