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Jingyi Li

own. On the other hand, the learning of a target language is often combined with the transmission of a related culture and cultural values. In a way, this explains why the spread of the English language in the wake of globalization is criticized as

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A Clash of Civilizations?

Pegida and the Rise of Cultural Nationalism

David N. Coury

far-right who see the influx of Muslims as a threat to Western cultural values, which, to this way of thinking, are rooted more in religion than in the tolerance advocated by the Western Enlightenment. In a 2007 speech to a conference of European

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Writing History and the Social Sciences with Ivan Jablonka

Nathan Bracher

produced them. By enabling the reader to see his or her epistemological assumptions and cultural values at work in the analysis, the narrator creates a more transparent and more honest text. At the same time, revealing the connections between one’s own life

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Whitewashing History

Pinker’s (Mis)Representation of the Enlightenment and Violence

Philip Dwyer

shifting of cultural values: crowds had become indifferent to the spectacle of violence; put another way, violence in “progressive” societies no longer resulted in the required pedagogical outcome. This is not to say that crowds had lost interest in visible

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Nicholas L. Syrett

involved. While the animus directed at their paying patrons is surely familiar to us today, that so little concern was expressed about those they paid indicates that Italians at midcentury were living under a different set of cultural values from our own

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Félix Germain

authentically Negro; in any case, his poetry honors the cultural values of the black race—of negritude. I know that Langston felt how Damas, Césaire, and I were connected to him. 59 The above correspondences allowed Cook to better understand the complexities of

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Challenging Substantive Knowledge in Educational Media

A Case Study of German History Textbooks

Lucas Frederik Garske

criterion for selecting substantive knowledge in these two scenarios is inherently different. In the case of a canonical story, the criterion for the selection of substantive knowledge is its academic or cultural value; in the case of historical thinking, it

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Stefan Nygård and Johan Strang

to anticolonial nationalism as an “important example of a relativizing universalism assaulting a generalizing one,” Hill notes that in defending particularistic cultural values, even resistance movements tend to rely on universal categories developed

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Obligations to Objects

Tangled Histories and Changing Contexts of the Burnett River Rock Engravings

Brit Asmussen, Lester Michael Hill, Sean Ulm, and Chantal Knowles (accessed 20 December 2015 ). Andrews , Thomas D. 2014 . “ Recasting Authenticity in Aboriginal Cultural Landscapes .” Pp. 96 – 104 in Proceedings of Exploring the Cultural Value of Nature: A World Heritage Context , ed. Christina

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Radical Right-Wing Populists in Parliament

Examining the Alternative for Germany in European Context

Lars Rensmann

electorally suffered from endorsing neoliberal welfare state regress that eroded socioeconomic security in society (and benefitted the economic elite) while promoting more inclusive socio-cultural values and immigration policies. In Germany, this shift is