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“Deception begins with trade … ”

Vladimir Arsen’ev’s Economic Expertise and Challenges of Rationalizing Imperial Diversity in the Taiga

Aleksandr Turbin

population, who were Russian subjects. In his work, Arsen'ev gave numerous examples of exploitation, deception, and direct enslavement of the local indigenous population by the Chinese. One of the most effective ways was introducing alcohol and promoting drug

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Tricking Time, Overthrowing a Regime

Reining in the Future in the Yemeni Youth Revolution

Ross Porter

’ constituted a collective act of temporal deception on the part of the revolutionaries. This trickery extended not just to anthropological expectation concerning what time is and how social life moves, but, more crucially, to the regime itself. After a year of

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The making of terrorists

Anthropology and the alternative truth of America's 'War on Terror' in the Sahara

Jeremy Keenan

This article, based on almost eight years of continuous anthropological research amongst the Tuareg people of the Sahara and Sahel, suggests that the launch by the US and its main regional ally, Algeria, in 2002–2003 of a ‘new’, ‘second’, or ‘Saharan’ Front in the ‘War on Terror’ was largely a fabrication on the part of the US and Algerian military intelligence services. The ‘official truth’, embodied in an estimated 3,000 articles and reports of one sort or another, is largely disinformation. The article summarizes how and why this deception was effected and examines briefly its implications for both the region and its people as well as the future of US international relations and especially its global pursuance of an increasingly suspect ‘War on Terror’.

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Sensing evil

Counterterrorism, techno-science, and the cultural reproduction of security

Mark Maguire and Pete Fussey

as basic emotional states, deception cues, and, potentially, emotional signs of hostile intent. Today, in a re-imagining of centuries-old criminological positivism, the techno-scientific projects emerging from homeland security include AVATAR

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Lenience in Systems of Religious Meaning and Practice

Maya Mayblin and Diego Malara

seriously, argues Keane, would not mean taking people only at face value and resting content with an account of subjectivities; it would mean thinking “dispassionately about the sources and consequences of self-deception, blindness, and distortions” (ibid

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The Fiscal Commons

Tax Evasion, the State, and Commoning in a Catalonian Cooperative

Vinzenz Bäumer Escobar

Monetary Fund], the euro, and capitalism.” He augmented this critique of global economic institutions with a damning judgment of Spanish political structures: “I suppose you've already seen that over here we're living inside of a political deception.” He

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Can Time Be Tricked?

A Theoretical Introduction

Felix Ringel

oneself with more favourable accounts and slight adjustments against one’s better knowledge. Whether as actual lies or self-assuring deceptions, what is tricked is a social, contextually concrete reference to the presumed past, often deeply embedded in

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Optics of regulation and control

Ieva Jusionyte and Daniel M. Goldstein

acronyms—Future Attribute Screening Technology (FAST), Automated Virtual Agent for Truth Assessments in Real-time (AVATAR), and others—capable of capturing emotional states, deception cues, and signs of hostile intent. Governmentality meets biopower in the

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The Anti-Help

Accusations, Mutual Help and the Containment of Ugly Feelings in the Gusii Highlands, Kenya

Teodor Zidaru-Bărbulescu

. Willerslev . 2015 . ‘ The Dark Side of Empathy: Mimesis, Deception, and the Magic of Alterity ’. Comparative Studies in Society and History 57 ( 1 ): 5 – 34 . . 10.1017/S0010417514000589

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Life at a Tangent to Law

Regulations, ‘Mistakes’ and Personhood amongst Kigali’s Motari

Will Rollason

the police, despite the irregularity of the situation and the transparency of André and his boss’s deception about who was riding the bike when it crashed. It seemed obvious that the real problem was about not legality per se, but rather making a good