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Yamini Narayanan

The fundamental sustainability tension may be said to lie in reconciling want and greed. This places the human self or the human soul as a moral battleground where desire and duty constantly attempt to triumph over each other. However, desire must be understood and integrated as part of a fully self-conscious human self in order to enable a consistent and unwavering performance of duty. In this article, I propose the Hindu notion of the purusharthas, or the fourfold path to self-actualization, as one illustrative example of a green telos. The purusharthas prescribe a path comprising of material and sensuous experience, in obedience to dharma or duty, such that moksha or a state of complete self-awareness may be achieved. I suggest that the stage of dharma is thus where the most profitable connections between Hinduism and sustainable development might be made.

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Yves Laberge

, addressed, and prioritized from one country to another should be one of sociologists’ main duties whenever they have an interest in urban and rural oppositions, social debates, or environmentalism and governance in general. Some cross-cultural comparisons

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Achieving Indigenous Environmental Justice in Canada

Deborah McGregor

-Jiménez 2016 ; McGregor 2009 ). Utilizing Indigenous knowledge systems as a framework for analysis, it is argued that EJ applies to all “relatives” in Creation. EJ is not just about rights to a safe environment but also includes the duties and responsibilities

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Lam Yee Man

for the gap? Or more importantly, what allowed the government to wait to act until the 1970s if the problem of pollution prevailed in the 1960s? The government could wait to act because the duty to clean up Hong Kong had been taken up by other measures

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Explicating Ecoculture

Tracing a Transdisciplinary Focal Concept

Melissa M. Parks

the inextricabilities between ecology and culture ( Milstein et al. 2011 ). As a frame, ecoculture takes this discursive effort to broader, transdisciplinary levels. Third, ecoculture speaks to ongoing conversations about the ethical duty of

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Erland Mårald and Erik Westholm

generations” ( Underdånigt betänkande 1856: 2 ). The Committee called for investigation of whether it was possible “to anticipate the devastation of privately owned forests and whether the state had the legal obligation and duty to oversee” privately owned

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Phil Tattersall

the proponents (including institutions and governments) is based on the assumption of certainty. This is not to suggest that those bodies and organizations are in any way negligent or remiss in their duties or responsibilities. We simply assert that

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Eric J. Cunningham

meaningful concepts of duty ( giri ) and obligation ( on ). One downriver resident expressed his gift to Otaki this way, “I was deeply touched and grateful when I heard about efforts, such as forest maintenance, being made to maintain the water quality of

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Evert Van de Vliert

collectivism and autocratic policies often go hand in hand with unintended rerouting of money streams and redistribution of rights and duties. It is difficult to avoid a causal interpretation of the stepwise increases in privileged culture in less threatening

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Christian Hunold

. Without further ado the new tiercel settled into sharing daily hunting and feeding duties. The hawk watchers were deeply moved: ■ What an amazing turn of events!!!” (Franklin Hawkaholics, 7 May 2012) ■ The new tiercel is FEEDING an eyass! With the formel