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A John Barleycorn temptation

Behaviour of Siberian regions on the alcoholic beverages market (1999-2003)

Grigorii L. Olekh

This article considers the recent declining fortunes of the Siberian liquor producing and retail industry. Cheaper vodka 'imported' from regions outside Siberia has led to a loss of revenue from local excise duties. Some firms have gone bankrupt, and others are in serious financial difficulties as a result of unpaid debts to the Inland Revenue. There is also evidence of malpractice and corruption. There are signs, however, that the current difficulties are causing Siberian alcoholic drinks producers to join together and unite in adopting measures to combat the cheaper vodka imports.

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Nir Gazit

policing. 1 In addition, the military forces deployed in the Occupied Territories are also responsible for more civilian duties such as civil administration and the maintenance of public order. This combination of military and civilian duties produces a

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Farewell Laurie Eisenberg

Neil Caplan, The Israel-Palestine Conflict: Contested Histories Review by Alan Dowty

Rachel Feldhay Brenner, The Freedom to Write: The Woman-Artist and the World in Ruth Almog’s Fiction Review by Avraham Balaban

Jackie Feldman, Above the Death Pits, Beneath the Flag: Youth Voyages to Poland and the Performance of Israeli National Identity Review by Noam Schimmel

Michael R. Fischbach, Jewish Property Claims against Arab Countries Review by Aviva Klen-Franke

Asima A. Ghazi-Bouillon, Understanding the Middle East Peace Process: Israeli Academia and the Struggle for Identity Review by Mira Sucharov

Aviva Halamish, Meir Yaari: A Collective Biography: The First Fifty Years, 1987–1947 Review by Ilan Peleg

Tamar S. Hermann, The Israeli Peace Movement: A Shattered Dream Review by Gordon Fellman

Alexandra Nocke, The Place of the Mediterranean in Modern Israeli Identity Review by Karine Hamilton

Ami Pedahzur and Arie Perliger, Jewish Terrorism in Israel Review by Eran Schor

Yaron Peleg, Israeli Culture between the Two Intifadas: A Brief Romance Review by Philip Hollander

Orit Rosin, Duty and Love: Individualism and Collectivism in 1950s Israel Review by Michael Feige

Nita Schechet, Disenthralling Ourselves: Rhetoric of Revenge and Reconciliation in Contemporary Israel Review by Eran Fisher

Amit M. Schejter, Muting Israeli Democracy: How Media and Cultural Policy Undermine Free Expression Review by Dan Caspi

Patricia J. Woods, Judicial Power and National Politics: Courts and Gender in the Religious-Secular Conflict in Israel Review by Amnon Cavari

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Indigenous Methodology

Uliana Vinokurova

Translator : Tatiana Argounova-Low

also establishes that the state has a duty to encourage the transmission and regeneration of knowledge to guarantee a good life for every person. The ideology of scientific colonialism was based on assurance that scholars and travelers had an unlimited

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Nissim Leon, Judy Baumel-Schwartz, Amir Paz-Fuchs, and Roy Kreitner

during military service? Ultimately, it was decided after much deliberation to have several categories—’fallen in battle’, ‘fell in the line of duty’, ‘fell during service’, and ‘passed away during service’—rendering the original categories of ‘fell

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Alison K. Smith

also pay duties on any goods that crossed the Russia-Siberia boundary. 20 This modified the earlier decision by the Supreme Privy Council, in that it did not reestablish separate special passes for travel in Siberia but instead reminded everyone that

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Reflecting the “Field”

Two Vepsian Villages and three Researchers

Laura Siragusa and Madis Arukask

moments in the lives of the villages. The main duty of the other team members was to collect as many objects as possible by persuading the owner to part with them (ideally giving them away for free); and when this plan did not work, they were allowed to

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Tatiana Bulgakova

spiritual motivation was based on the belief that rejecting shamanic duties meant insubordination to spirits’ will, 5 which was considered to be unsafe. The opposite and suppressing impact on the individual was exclusively seldom and unusual. In the Nanai

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Family on the Edge

Neblagopoluchnaia Family and the State in Yakutsk and Magadan, Russian Federation

Lena Sidorova and Elena Khlinovskaya Rockhill

-based behavior, but for (post-)Soviet society in general, where maternal duty is viewed as the immutable biological nature and destiny of any normal woman ( Attwood 1990 ; Pilkington 1996 ; for American parallels, see Ladd-Taylor and Umansky 1998 ). Becoming

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Vilhjalmur Stefansson

The Northward Course of Empire, The Adventure of Wrangel Island, 1922–1925, and “Universal Revolution”

Paul Dukes

.” The preface continues, “They were gallant adventurers in the Elizabethan meaning of the word,” planning “exploits like those of Drake and John Smith and Captain Cook.” Stefansson asserted that the expedition constituted “not only a duty to science but