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Between Us Girls

On Girls' Interpretations of Sexuality

Elena Omelchenko

In this article I deal with interpretations of sexuality that are typical of Russian girls who are learning to become blue-collar or pink-collar professionals such as, for example, public health nurses, social workers, tourism and hospitality industry workers, fashion designers, and those training for employment in services like cooking, hairdressing, and tailoring. The empirical base of this article is a set of in-depth semi-structured interviews with young women and men concerning their individual sexual experiences. I examine scenarios of feminine subjectivity within the context of discussing a first sexual experience. I look, too, at how girls exercise girl-power within the framework of communication and intimacy with a partner.

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Carl Plantinga

Film scholars, critics, filmmakers, and audiences all routinely employ intuitive, untutored "folk psychology" in viewing, interpreting, critiquing, and making films. Yet this folk psychology receives little attention in film scholarship. This article argues that film scholars ought to pay far more attention to the nature and uses of folk psychology. Turning to critical work on Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho, the article demonstrates the diverse and sometimes surprising ways that folk psychology is used in criticism. From an evolutionary perspective, the article defends the critic's and audience's interests in characters as persons. It also defends folk psychology against some of its most vocal detractors, and provides some guidance into how cognitive film theorists might employ folk psychology, arguing that such employment must supplement and correct folk psychology with scientific psychology and philosophical analysis. Finally, the article argues that the application of folk psychology to films is a talent, a skill, and a sensitivity rather than a science.

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From Risk to Resistance

Girls and Technologies of Nonviolence

Laurel Hart

and young women such as LGBTQ, Indigenous, and racial minority girls, as well as girls with disabilities and those of other marginalized populations both visible and invisible? This issue begins with an example of the employment of the ethos of the

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Dutch Economic Textbooks in the 1970s

Raising the Status of a New Secondary School Type by Means of Mathematical Abstraction

Gerrit F. Gorter, Hilda T. A. Amsing, and Jeroen J. H. Dekker

“The year 1932 was the trough of the Great Depression, and from its rotten soil was belatedly begot the new subject that today we call macroeconomics,” wrote Paul Samuelson in 1999. 9 The 1936 publication of The General Theory of Employment, Interest

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Mercedes González de la Rocha and Agustín Escobar Latapí

as a whole shape employment opportunities with the threats and constraints of new and deeper crises acting as barriers to people’s social and economic improvement. Economic crises produce social responses of various types ( González de la Rocha 1994

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“Can You Really See What We Write Online?”

Ethics and Privacy in Digital Research with Girls

Ronda Zelezny-Green

located in the east of Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city. This part of the city is one of the most densely populated and many households in the area are working-class or impoverished, with subsistence employment prevalent. There are approximately 35 members of

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Creating Dialogue on Inclusion in Vietnam

Girls with Disabilities Exhibit their Work

Naydene de Lange, Nguyen Thi Lan Anh, and Nghiem Thi Thu Trang

full employment and poverty eradication ( UNESCO 2015 : para 5). With this vision of inclusion in education in mind, in this visual essay we focus on how we used visual participatory methodology to enable girls with disabilities 1 in Vietnam to

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David Davies

of dance depend only upon the manifest “personal level” capacities themselves and their employment in dance performance and appreciation, not upon their “subpersonal” implementation ( McFee 2011: 185–206 ). The moderate pessimist, however, rejects

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Meglio di ieri

Educational Films, National Identity and Citizenship in Italy from 1948 to 1968

Anne Bruch

and importance of Europe for the development of employment and emigration opportunities. The idea of Europe as a union of nations or an amalgam of different cultures was still remote for Italians. In 1953 Minister Giuseppe Pella had declared that

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Girls’ Work in a Rural Intercultural Setting

Formative Experiences and Identity in Peasant Childhood

Ana Padawer

and Labour in the Developing World (1994) set the stage for a series of anthropological studies on children’s work in peasant settings in which their tasks within the context of family were clearly differentiated from work in waged employment; her