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Expanding Religion and Islamic Morality in Turkey

The Role of the Diyanet’s Women Preachers

Chiara Maritato

Despite scholars’ tremendous interest in the dynamics of Turkish laicism, little to no attention has been paid to the actors and the practices through which Islamic morality is propagated among society every day. This article investigates the Directorate of Religious Affairs (Diyanet)’s policy that has been increasing the number of women working as preachers since 2003. To what extent and how does the employment of the Diyanet’s women preachers affect the way in which religion and Islamic public morality grow and are spread in Turkey today? What specifically is women’s contribution in this respect? Drawing on an ethnographic observation of the Diyanet’s women preachers’ activities in Istanbul mosques, the article outlines how they contribute to reshaping Turkish laicism while diffusing Islamic morality in the public space.

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“We Owe a Historical Debt to No One”

The Reappropriation of Photographic Images from a Museum Collection

Helen Mears

seek safety—as well as educational and employment opportunities—overseas ( Mahkaw 2016 ; H. Sadan 2016 ). The video, as an example of what Louisa Schein in her writings on relations between the Hmong diaspora in the United States and their Miao

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It Was Not Meant to Be This Way

An Unfortunate Case of Anglo-Saxon Parochialism?

Tom Frost

that same period. In 1970, UK manufacturing accounted for 30 per cent of GDP, 16.3 per cent of total world exports and had trade surpluses of 4–6 per cent annually. Furthermore, 35 per cent of UK employment was in this sector. By 2010, 13 per cent of

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Finding a Place to Sit

How Qatari Women Combine Cultural and Kinship Capital in the Home Majlis

Rehenuma Asmi

and above are housewives. Another 31 per cent are actively employed, plus another 2.5 per cent who are looking for employment (see Table 3 ). Qatari women, similar to women in most Gulf countries, are still overwhelmingly employed in the public sector

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Fair Exchange

Utilisation of Working Animals (and Women) in Ancient Mesopotamia and Modern Africa

Jill Goulder

. Archaeological commentary also rarely recognises the year-round utilisation and other strategies required to provide return on investment in working animals. In Classical Greece, for example, ox use for ploughing was contingent on additional employment: ‘there

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Kylie Message, Masaaki Morishita, Conal McCarthy, and Lee Davidson

family, monogamy, employment, money, heterosexuality, gender norms, and citizenship. Indeed, love and happiness are commonly represented as playing a central role in the ongoing making and remaking of social order, and in the processes whereby particular

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Land, Nation and Tourist

Moral Reckoning in Post-GFC Iceland

Mary Hawkins and Helena Onnudottir

high and employment prospects not bright. She is undecided as to the benefits that may accrue to Iceland were it to join the European Union: she sometimes thinks that Iceland’s political structures are under developed and Iceland needs to ‘grow up’, 4

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Analyzing Museum Collections in Scandinavia

New Insights in Revised Modernity and Its Implications on Archaeological Material

Niklas Ytterberg

research as part of their employment. It works as a platform for all research at the museum. It should be noted that little effort has been put on research on the museum’s own collections in recent years, but this appears to be changing for the better. The

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Agonistic Interpretation

A New Paradigm in Response to Current Developments

Nicole Deufel

their relationship with native populations. For refugees the most immediate need is to find shelter and food, followed by employment ( Small 2011 ). Learning the language and understanding the host culture and its values are also important and immediate

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Online Documents of India’s Past

Digital Archives and Memory Production

Katja Müller

the 1947 PA and the IMP as actors who aim for and practice forms of democratic communication, they remain restricted by the users’ habitual online communication forms and employment of the Internet as a public sphere. Furthermore, websites and