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Critical Engagements of NGOs for Global Human Rights Protection

A New Epoch of Cosmopolitanism for Larger Freedom?

On-Kwok Lai

Since the mid-1990s, the international norms for global development have been redefined under non-governmental organizations’ (NGOs) critical e-mobilizations, powered by new media. International governmental organizations (IGOs) have been forced to make policy adjustments or concessions, resulting in new IGOs-NGOs policy regimes for consultative consensus building and for protecting people’s economic, social, and cultural rights (ESC) for enhancing social quality. This paper examines the emerging cosmopolitanism in the information age, focusing on NGOs’ advocacy networks, to understand the new media-enhanced participatory regime for global governance. It also illustrates a new form of social participation, as promoted by social quality theory, in the age of e-globalization and the information society. The paper has five parts. After outlining the globalization project threatening ESC rights, the second section examines critical engagements of NGOs and IGOs for human rights promotion. Parts three and four discuss, respectively, the struggles for ESC rights in shaping new ethics and norms for global development, and the variations of new social media mobilization. The paper ends with critical remarks on the project for larger freedom and human rights for all.

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An Exogenous Path of Development

Explaining the Rise of Corporate Social Responsibility in China

Ka Lin, Dan Banik, and Longfei Yi

The corporate social responsibility (CSR) agenda, which was developed and consolidated in the West, became particularly influential as the basis for business ethics and company morale at the start of the new millennium. As reported, almost 90

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Governing the Sun

The Challenges of Geoengineering

Klaus Radunsky and Tim Cadman

. 10.3167/IJSQ.2018.080203 Carrington , D. 2017 . “ Record-Breaking Climate Change Pushes World into ‘Uncharted Territory.’ ” The Guardian , 20 March . CCEIA (Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs) . 2016 . “ Janos Pasztor

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Corporate Sustainability

An Academic Review

Varhese Joy

-Moving Consumer Goods Businesses . Amsterdam : Greenpeace International . Hahn , T. , J. Pinkse , L. Preuss , and F. Figge . 2015 . “ Tensions in Corporate Sustainability: Towards an Integrative Framework .” Journal of Business Ethics 127 ( 2

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Rolf Dieter Hepp

” more in need of social benefit. But precarity accompanies and affects greater parts of society, particularly those sections of the middle class that conceive of their social identity merely via their work ethics. Job orientation such as the enhancement

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The Limits to Cheating History

Changing the Reference for Accounting

Peter Herrmann

process) are substantially ignored. Indeed, in this way, we can also say that the dominant pattern can be valuably questioned by looking at it from a perspective of business and development ethics (on characteristic topics of the latter, see, e

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Ananta Kumar Giri

consumption, which so far has been mainly used for narrow aims of capital gain and profit maximization, needs to be transformed to a broader social aesthetics of growth and development. Ethics and aesthetics of development can dance together bringing beauty

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Ming-Lun Chung

, bullying surveys, anti-bullying conference booklets, and the outcomes of policy implementation. Hence, government officials and legislators tend to take information privacy and political sensitivity into consideration, which is also associated with ethics

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Singing with Dignity

Adding Social Quality to Organization Studies on Aging

Prabhir Vishnu Poruthiyil

Masculinisation of Ethical Leadership Dis/embodiment .” Journal of Business Ethics 144 ( 2 ): 263 – 278 . 10.1007/s10551-015-2831-x March , J. G. 2007 . “ The Study of Organizations and Organizing since 1945 .” Organization Studies 28 ( 1 ): 9 – 19

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Building Dignity?

Tracing Rights, Discretion, and Negotiation within a Norwegian Labor Activation Program

Erika Gubrium, Leah Johnstone, and Ivar Lødemel

labor market/employer acted as a strong yet “silent” third partner (see Table 1 ). Unlike caseworkers, local labor markets and potential employers were not bound by a framework of professional ethics, bureaucratic procedure, stated rights, or