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Daniel M. Knight

programme reveals time to be polychromic, topological and gathered together, with multiple pleats. Approaching the experience of time as non-linear leads Serres to the idea of ‘assemblage’ – events, he suggests, exist as part of our own era, and are also an

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Too much time

Changing conceptions of boredom, progress, and the future among young men in urban Ethiopia, 2003–2015

Daniel Mains

time The temporal problem of young men was based both in their relationship to the future and the experience of time in the present. Largely as a result of their inability to achieve progressive changes in their relationships with others, young men

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Fossilized Futures

Topologies and Topographies of Crisis Experience in Central Greece

Daniel M. Knight

vignette, Serres (1995a: 58–61 ) invokes the natural environment to explain his experience of time, comparing it to fluctuations in the weather or to a river flowing beneath a bridge that has unforeseen counter-currents running under the surface in the

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Living an Uncertain Future

Temporality, Uncertainty, and Well-Being among Iraqi Refugees in Egypt

Nadia El-Shaarawi

While displacement has always involved the refiguring of space, scholars of forced migration have recently begun to consider how temporality might be crucial to an understanding of displacement. In this article, I consider the interplay of temporal and spatial uncertainty in the experience of exile for Iraqi refugees in metropolitan Cairo. By examining how Iraqis understand displacement as uncertain and how this uncertainty is a cause of significant distress, I show that an attunement to temporality can help us to understand refugees' experiences of displacement. Iraqi refugees spoke of exile in Cairo as 'living in transit'—a condition in which disjuncture between their expectations about exile and its realities contributed to an altered experience of time in which the future became particularly uncertain and life was experienced as unstable. One solution sought by refugees is resettlement, a process that often renders the future even more uncertain, at least in the short term.

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Discarded Europe

Money, Trash and the Possibilities of a New Temporality

Elana Resnick

How are time and materiality felt in periods of expectation, when change is awaited but never comes, at least not in the way anticipated? Disappointment may set in, but in the expanding European context in which I conducted research, something else occurs: sensory experiences of time and materiality intermingle and shape each other. These experiences of temporal-material relations, in a context of historical disorientation, are the basis of a new European temporality. My ethnographic research on waste management in Bulgaria, conducted between 2010 and 2013, with informal garbage collectors, city street sweepers, waste company officials, Sofia citizens, municipal representatives and ministry employees, provides the empirical foundation for this piece.

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‘Time Is Like a Soup’

Boat Time and the Temporal Experience of London’s Liveaboard Boaters

Ben Bowles

experiences of time and its reification: ‘borrowing’ allocated time, cheating the clock, ‘spending’ time in ways that counteract hegemonic temporal processes, slowing and delaying processes of timekeeping, and blurring boundaries between delineated times

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A General Introduction

Roxana Moroşanu and Felix Ringel

empirical evidence ( Glennie and Thrift 2009 ). The evidence presented in the contributions to this Special Section points instead both ethnographically and analytically towards the diversity of contemporary experiences of time ( Wajcman 2015 ), towards

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Stretching Money to Pay the Bills

Temporal Modalities and Relational Practices of ‘Getting By’ in the Greek Economic Crisis

Andreas Streinzer

in more time-intensive activities. Going through the donated clothes is necessary for the clothing exchange, but it also frequently allows Kalypso to give her daughter new-looking clothes. Crisis, Futures and the Experience of Time Sitting in front of

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“Eyes Shut, Muted Voices”

Narrating and Temporalizing the Post–Civil War Era through a Monument

Dimitra Gefou-Madianou

, but also as temporalities. As a result, past, present, and future events have been temporalized, transforming the monument from a stable and durable object into a hybrid entity that brings to the fore unconventional histories and experiences of time

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Can Time Be Tricked?

A Theoretical Introduction

Felix Ringel

; Borofsky 1997 ). Howe’s and Borofsky’s accounts respectively seem to imply that the construction as well as the personal experience of time remain an epistemic and thereby a much more flexible issue. Throughout the 1990s, the anthropology of time