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The Specter of Communism

Denmark, 1848

Bertel Nygaard

both of them possess the same amount.” 2 For their part, voices on the political left and center of contemporary Danish debates echoed such vehement rejection and fear of communism, while using it to serve their own political ends, as I will

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Concepts of Emotions in Indian Languages

Margrit Pernau

Emotions are, of course, no newcomers to the writing of South Asian history. Works on gender history have included discussions on love; research on riots and revolts has examined fear, anger, and hope; the historiography on nationalism would not be possible

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Maria Bucur

would do in that situation. But she, I will call her Ana, started to gather her words, first interrupted by fear, but eventually shooting out to liberate her of this terrible secret. “Right after the Freshman Ball he called me into his office. You know

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Feminine Feminist

Şirin Tekeli

Ceylân Orhun

online in T24’s K24 extension on 22 June 2017 under the title of “Smiling Feminist.” The editors, fearing feminist protests, rejected the original title of the submission, “Feminine Feminist.” As a strong defender of freedoms of all kinds, Şirin would

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Children Born of War

A European Research Network Exploring the Life Histories of a Hidden Population

Kimberley Anderson and Sophie Roupetz

need to escape the poverty and fear they experienced under Mao. In the long, cumbersome process of collecting evidence on their origin to acquire Japanese citizenship for their migration, they learned in great detail about their father and their parents

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Conceptualizing Compassion in Communication for Communication

Emotional Experience in Islamic Sermons (Bengali waʿẓ maḥfils)

Max Stille

heart can be stabbed metaphorically, so the liver-heart can receive strokes from painful emotions; 22 and in a sermon of a more belligerent preacher, the enemy’s liver-heart trembles from fear. 23 Building on humoralistic concepts, in the sermons the

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Marija Bulatović and Višnja Krstić

own, for fear of “dying away from their home town” (48). This typical Balkan mind-set is often contrasted with the views and experiences of those from other countries, especially England and the United States: similar to the author herself, the

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Becoming Communist

Ideals, Dreams, and Nightmares

Rochelle Goldberg Ruthchild

cruelty, failure to provide for proper hygiene, no provisions for menstruation or pregnancy, and the forcible removal of newborns from their mothers, among many other horrors. The trauma of these experiences is long lasting, and the fear of reimprisonment

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Janet Elise Johnson and Mara Lazda

region, based “on the entirely mistaken idea that the shock of postcommunism would awaken an idealism and political intensity similar to that of 1968 in the United States,” but got “hooked by the entirely different desires and fears arising for new

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“Maternal Impressions”

Disability Memoirs in Socialist Poland

Natalia Pamula

descriptions of his disability and thus are supposed to emphasize the “unfairness” of disability. In other words, “maternal impressions” 35 —women's ability to imprint their fears, desires, and experiences onto the fetus— do not mark their children's bodies