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On Money and Quarantine

A Self-Ethnography from Italy

Francesca Messineo

value to us. Money bills and coins particularly attracted my fears, and I started to see them as potentially infected entities entering my safe space made out of hygienic procedures and obsessive cleaning. As a consequence, cash was removed from my

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Familial Intimacy and the ‘Thing’ between Us

Cuddle Curtains and Desires for Detached Relationality in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Andreas Streinzer, Almut Poppinga, Carolin Zieringer, Anna Wanka, and Georg Marx

of affection, cuddling and chuckling sparked hope amongst many that familial hugs could once again return during the strict lockdowns in these countries (DACH), 1 which were the countries that our project aimed to study. 2 Fears about the End of

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Freed from Sadness and Fear

Politics, COVID-19, and the New Germany

Michael Meng and Adam R. Seipp

This article argues that we are witnessing the possible emergence of a Germany confident in the strength of its rational and democratic approach to governance. Thinking about this development through Baruch Spinoza’s insights into the centrality of reason to democracy, we suggest that Germany has responded to its past in a salutary manner by building a rational and responsible democracy. Few recent events illustrate this transformation more clearly than Germany’s reaction to the covid-19 pandemic.

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Physically Distant – Socially Intimate

Reflecting on Public Performances of Resistance in a Pandemic Situation

Marion Hamm

. Along with remembrance of the anti-fascist struggle evoked by the song ‘Bella Ciao’, the clips brought the painful dimension of pandemic-induced separation and isolation to the fore, but also conveyed a sense of defiance: of the deadly illness, the fear

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Banhishikha Ghosh

irrational fears, many of them have been evicted from their rented accommodations as well. In some cases, they have had to reluctantly adjust with their natal families and live in ‘hostile circumstances’ ( Trivedi 2020 ). Hina's (23 years old) narrative

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Bryonny Goodwin-Hawkins

into villages and fences on farms. Fears bubbled; risks, too, were real. For the police commissioners, authoritative action would protect Welsh communities. But Wales’ First Minister was quick to quash requests. Speaking on BBC radio, he addressed the

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Ethnographic witnessing

Or, hope is the first anthropological emotion

Carole McGranahan

. The pandemic has not stopped people's efforts to escape violence and even death. Instead, the pandemic now coexists with fears elsewhere and otherwise. A month ago, I wrote two asylum reports back to back. One was the longest report I've ever written

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Practising Intimate Labour

Birth Doulas Respond during COVID-19

Angela N. Castañeda and Julie Johnson Searcy

disrupted intimacy at a critical life passage – pregnant people being asked to labour without their partners and other support people increases fear and anxiety, a shortening of breath. Recent research suggests a substantial increase in the rates of pregnant

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From Toilet Paper Wars to #ViralKindness?

COVID-19, Solidarity and the Basic Income Debate in Australia

Anne Décobert

example demonstrating empathy for people who have tested late or failed to self-isolate because they feared loss of income from precarious jobs; but at the same time, he draws attention to individuals who are ‘making a selfish choice’, such as by refusing

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Perverse Economies of Intimate and Personal Labour

Resuming Domestic Work in Households after the Lockdown

Pooja Satyogi

work with domestic helpers in Delhi (north India) and Hyderabad (south India) resonates with Dickey's observations. The argument I would make here is that a pandemic-like critical event exacerbates the fear of contagion; it works concurrently with