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Catrin Gibson

Held, Feminist Morality , 155. 38 Elaine Heffner, Successful Mothering: The Challenge of Motherhood after Freud and Feminism (London: Robson Books, 1980), 35–38. 39 Beauvoir, The Second Sex , 570. 40 Sarah LaChance Adams, ‘Becoming with Child

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The Wall, the Ban, and the Objectification of Women

Has “Uncle Sam” Learned any Lessons from “Typhoid Mary?”

Amani Othman and William W. Darrow


Discrimination against women and other vulnerable groups prevailed throughout the twentieth century; it persists today. This historical case study analyzes the life and times of “Typhoid Mary,” an unmarried, Irish Catholic, immigrant woman who was persecuted as an intransigent carrier of a deadly infectious disease. Being a Mexican immigrant, Muslim, or unattractive woman could condemn someone for similar mistreatment today. The failure to overcome prejudice impedes the effectiveness of public health to protect infected patients and susceptible persons from harm and to interrupt disease transmission in communities; it jeopardizes the realization of social quality. Social justice, solidarity, equal valuation, and human dignity will be achieved through resistance to the human rights violations of the Trump administration and the resilience of strong women like Mary Mallon.

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John Gillespie and Sarah Richmond

-violence, oppression, gender and identity, feminism and the possibility of authentic love in a patriarchal society and the search for a love that can overcome the limitations of sadistic eroticism: these are all, to varying degrees, important and current matters of

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John Ireland and Constance Mui

and political insights from prominent movements in the post-war era, including feminism, anti-racism, anti-colonialism, environmentalism, and the struggle for gay rights. Very much in line with these concerns, Ronald Aronson’s recent book: We

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Nik Farrell Fox and Bryan Mukandi

interesting nuggets of insight as she explores Beauvoir’s ‘feminism’ and personal life. In the final concluding chapter, the author draws heavily on Beauvoir’s notion of ‘Loving Authentically’ to put forward six key pieces of existential advice for overcoming

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Mike Gane

introduction, Jules Guesde agreed with it. Contrived or not, the thesis is clear: what is common to socialist doctrines is not a question of equality, conditions of life, feminism and the family, education, welfare or charity, but the project to overcome the

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De Beauvoir, Existentialism and Marx

A Dialectic on Freedom

Angela Shepherd

According to Toril Moi, ‘freedom – not identity, difference or equality – is the fundamental concept in de Beauvoir’s feminism’. 1 Simone de Beauvoir insists that women and men are free human beings capable of independent, creative action. However

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Liesbeth Schoonheim

demonstrates her intellectual independence of Sartre. Kirkpatrick, Becoming Beauvoir, 191, 400. 18 For instance, Sandra G. Harding, Feminism and Methodology: Social Science Issues (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1987); Joan Scott, ‘The Evidence of

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Alfred Betschart

, when we look at the components of Schweickart's Marxist program: anti-colonialism, anti-racism, feminism, anti-war activism, gay rights, and ecology, they seem closer to what Marx called utopian socialism than to Marx's own program of scientific

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Social Quality

Regaining Political Economy

Peter Herrmann

November 2016 ). Fraser , N. 2012 . “ Feminism, Capitalism, and the Cunning of History .” FMSH-WP-2012-17, <halshs-00725055> . (accessed 15 November 2016 ). Fraser , N. 2014 . “ Can Society