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Reinhart Koselleck, Translated By Margrit Pernau, and Sébastien Tremblay

caricatures of Hitler and his fellow party comrades and written a slogan on the wall in Gothic print, as the GPU had ordered: “We had set forth as war criminals, we return as heroes of the reparation.” I felt ashamed of this phrase, as I couldn't manage to

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Mirko M. Hall

that key characteristics of the gothic and dark wave scenes—such as the sense of “individual pessimism and collective melancholy” and the accompanying ideals of “death, decay, loyalty, love, purity, and simplicity”—can easily be channeled through an

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Borderland of the Mind

The Free City of Danzig and the Sovereignty Question

Elizabeth M. Clark

guide. This publication included photos of notable Danzig landmarks, such as the Rathaus (city hall) and the gothic Marienkirche (Church of Our Lady), but also sought to acquaint the tourist with local officials, offering portraits of Senate

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Ecaterina Lung

relative’s protection could be forced into marriage against her will, as happened to Matasuntha, granddaughter of Theodoric the Ostrogoth, who, according to Procopius, was compelled despite her objections to marry the Gothic aristocrat Vitiges in order for

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Patricia Mainardi

and huge beasts, contemporary beauties and Gothic monuments will furnish the most bizarre and varied digest of our epoch at two sous. There, now you have the authentic Magasin pittoresque . 25 An article in Le Temps complained that “no system

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Gargi Gangopadhyay

architect who specialized in designing churches. 24 Such elaborate constructions (other examples included the Hindu College and Duff’s Institution, which sported Gothic pillars and Western façades) stood in absolute contrast to the village pathshala s: for

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Boris Maslov

republics, Holland, and Switzerland. Its eventual installation in Britain is imagined as a blending of the classical republican tradition with a native British (“Gothic”) democracy. The Pindaric archplot of order imposed on chaos is displaced onto natural

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Manuel Stoffers, Blake Morris, Alan Meyer, Younes Saramifar, Andrew Cobbing, Martin Emanuel, Rudi Volti, Caitlin Starr Cohn, Caitríona Leahy, and Sunny Stalter-Pace

vision” in the works of artist Grant Wood and architect Frank Lloyd Wright. In chapter 3, Weems examines how aviation influenced Wood’s worldview and work. Although best known today for his portrait of a dour farm couple entitled American Gothic , the

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Nicole Hudgins

Enlightenment, and the Romantic era that followed stimulated the penchant for ruins in the form of decaying Gothic architecture and even fake ruins in the gardens of the wealthy. Voltaire said in 1768, “To build is beauti ful, but to destroy is sublime,” echoing

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Johannes Görbert, Russ Pottle, Jeff Morrison, Pramod K. Nayar, Dirk Göttsche, Lacy Marschalk, Dorit Müller, Angela Fowler, Rebecca Mills, and Kevin Mitchell Mercer

create an identity for Britain in relation to this imagined Europe. Superimposition, a response to changes in the European political climate due to the French Revolution, is particularly prevalent in Radcliffe’s Gothic novels, as it is “a defensive