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Itamar Rabinovich, The Lingering Conflict: Israel, the Arabs, and the Middle East, 1948-2011 Review by Daniel Kurtzer

Yoav Gelber, Nation and History: Israeli Historiography between Zionism and Post-Zionism Review by Shlomo Aronson

Asher Susser, Israel, Jordan, and Palestine: The Two-State Imperative Review by Paul L. Scham

Michael Feige, Settling in the Hearts: Jewish Fundamentalism in the Occupied Territories Review by Arye Naor

Juliana Ochs, Security and Suspicion: An Ethnography of Everyday Life in Israel Review by Dganit Manor

Daniel Byman, A High Price: The Triumphs and Failures of Israeli Counterterrorism Review by Samy Cohen

Michael Lerner, Embracing Israel/Palestine: A Strategy to Heal and Transform the Middle East Review by Kenneth Waltzer

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Innovation in Israel

Between Politics, Society, and Culture

Sigal Ben-Rafael Galanti, Fany Yuval, and Assaf Meydani

fertile ground for creative thinking aimed at overcoming major national and existential challenges, including the need to heal major cleavages between groups and sectors within the Israeli society that have widened over time. Different arrangements have

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Menachem Klein

). Memory-work thus legitimizes and restores deported or excluded collective belonging to its original place by representing it. Through this approach, alternative collective memory agents modestly promote the healing of the city's wounds. Acknowledgments

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Uzi Meshulam and the ‘Mishkan Ohalim’ Affair

The Influence of Radical Ultra-Orthodoxy

Motti Inbari

hunger strike. 14 Meshulam’s disciples also believed that their rabbi was blessed with supernatural powers and with prophetic and healing abilities ( Rubin and Barekat 1996 ). Following his instructions, one of his most prominent supporters, Yaakov

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Kobi Peled, Thomas Mitchell, Kenneth Waltzer, Brent E. Sasley, Hillel Cohen, and Laura Zittrain Eisenberg

) infusing a combative spirit into the tribal group; (2) assembling its scattered members, especially at a time of emergency; (3) healing the sick and protecting the herds; and (4) fulfilling wishes and mending communal tension. An interesting assumption is

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Wang Zhen, Alfred Tovias, Peter Bergamin, Menachem Klein, Tally Kritzman-Amir, and Pnina Peri

welfare and health care benefits. But their history has forced them to focus on re-establishing and healing their broken communities; building hope; finding and electing new political leadership; struggling for their livelihood; and adopting an unfamiliar

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Dan Rabinowitz, Russell Stone, Guy Ben-Porat, Paul Scham, Wilhelm Kempf, Lior Libman, and Asaf Sharabi

do not evaluate it in terms of its implications for the further development of Israeli society. The delicate relationship between remembrance and mourning is not engaged with, and their function for the perpetuation or healing of collective trauma is

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Creating a Significant Community

Religious Engagements in the Film Ha-Mashgihim (God’s Neighbors)

Merav Alush-Levron

linkage to the transcendental, but also as a base to human power, when it creates, loves, and fights an existential threat—finding the strength to heal” (ibid.). The audience moves with the protagonist back and forth from the violent space of danger to

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Hillel Cohen

unity and perfection: the unity of the Jewish people, the unification of the people of Israel with their God, and the healing of the world as a whole. The exile of the Jews from their land was an interruption; the aspiration for redemption and the

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The Hyphen Cannot Hold

Contemporary Trends in Religious-Zionism

Hayim Katsman

tikkun olam (healing of the world) through the religious participation of women ( Shilo 2006 ). In a recently published book on Orthodox feminism, Chen Artzi-Sror (2018) asserts that while Kolech played a crucial role in creating a religious feminist