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A Durkheimian Account of Globalization

The Construction of Global Moral Culture

David Inglis

What might Durkheim's writings teach us today about the nature of globalization processes and a globalized world condition? This paper contends that Durkheim has a great deal of relevance for social scientific understandings of contemporary globalization. His distinctive contribution involved understanding the genesis and nature of a world-level moral culture. This vision entailed a significant sociological recasting of Kant's cosmopolitan political philosophy. The paper reconstructs Durkheim's account of world moral culture from writings that stretch throughout his career. For each of the major texts considered, the paper points out some of the important intellectual antecedents that Durkheim may have drawn upon, or which have notable resonances with what he was endeavouring to achieve. The overall argument is that the Durkheimian vision of globalization stands as a major corrective to radical critiques of globalization which reduce it to being a simple product of capitalism and imperialism. The moral dimensions of globalization have to be considered as much as these factors, which the paper takes to be Durkheim's major lesson for globalization studies today.

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Mike Gane

is significant that the authors only provide a brief reading of Durkheim's 1914–17 texts and his views on the nation, imperialism and war, simply dismissing them instantly as evidence of ‘nasty’ war-mongering once his mask of impartiality is taken off

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Marcel Mauss

égarés. Traité de théologie et de philosophie . Trans. S. Munk . Paris : A. Franck . Mamdani , M. 1976 . Politics and Class Formation in Uganda . London : Heinemann . Mamdani , M. 1983 . Imperialism and Fascism in Uganda . London

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Sartre in Austria

Boycott, Scandals, and the Fight for Peace

Juliane Werner

“freedom” as a synonym for imperialism and capitalism, while the Americans perceive “peace” as a discursive ploy of the Communists. Sartre’s repeated assertions of independence—that he was being directed by no one and driven by nothing but his intent to

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Social Quality

Regaining Political Economy

Peter Herrmann

. Leaman , 179 – 194 . Poznań : Poznań University of Economics Press . Hirschman , A.O. 1958 . The Strategy of Economic Development . New Haven, CT : Yale University Press . Hobson , J.A. 1902 . Imperialism: A Study . London : James Nisbet

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Incarnation, Alienation, and Emancipation

A Sartrean Analysis of Filmic Violence

Daniel Sullivan

violence they withstood and inflicted – as incarnations, in Sartre's sense, of the more multifaceted experience of ethnic conflict and historical imperialism in Northern Ireland. 37 Isolated for years within prison, cut off from media and to a large extent

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Four Dimensions of Societal Transformation

An Introduction to the Problematique of Ukraine

Zuzana Novakova

period is an era of Soviet imperialism over Ukraine gains ground, while contemporary Russia is the ideational inheritor of Soviet dominance. The recent de-Sovietization policy led to the renaming of streets, villages, and cities and inscribes the newly

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Matthieu Béra

made to prepare his courses on religion (1906/1907), on pragmatism (1913) and on German imperialism (1914). It can be seen that Durkheim mainly borrowed books for his numerous lecture courses, rather than for his writing and research on religion