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Where Only Wind Was Once Sown

The Tradition of Republicanism and the Agrarian Question in Brazil

Heloisa Maria Murgel Starling

The article traces the reception of different strands of Republicanism in Brazil. French republicanism inspired authors such as Euclides da Cunha in his realization that a true Brazilian republic would only be achieved with the inclusion of its vast interior and its destitute population. But the reception of republicanism in Brazil also drew from Anglo-Saxon sources, which resulted also in an emphasis on the political nature of the community. American republicanism, with its conception of territorial expansion, land possession, and active economic participation added a further dimension to Brazilian republicanism. In particular, Teofilo Otoni's attempt to create a political community in the Mucury Valley was modeled after the ideals of American republicanism. Even if the Brazilian republicanism that emerged from the reception of these strands failed to impose its agenda over the political mainstream, it provided a unifying ideology for the opposition throughout the Second Empire and the First Republic, and still constitutes a source of inspiration for political reform and criticism.

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Legal dynamics in a border area

Between customary law and state law

Nebi Bardhoshi

This article considers factors that have effected and influenced the continuity of the customary law named the Kanun of Lek Dukagjini in some areas of Albanian and Kosovo. It draws on ethnographic data on the border area villages between Albania and Kosovo to discuss the dynamics and tensions that are created between state and non-state law vis-à-vis justice in highly complex and problematic social, economic, and political contexts. Customary law and state law seem to be two conflicting legal ideologies. However, the article considers everyday settings where people make use of both legal systems in order to regulate matters especially related to property issues. The new legal realities create around property ownership imply new type of relations vis-à-vis family and kinship structures which oscillate between the two systems.

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Lauren Marx

speed up the process of land distribution. The land question has become obscured in the political and populist rhetoric without having a clear plan to redress dispossession. Linking radical economic transformation and land is not new and land reform has

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Eliza Guyol-Meinrath Echeverry

communities ( Fox 2015 ; Imai et al. 2014 ). Beginning with Spanish colonization in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, an inequitable system of land distribution was established in which Indigenous communities were given very little land and/or land of

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The Ethics of Collective Sponsorship

Virtuous Action and Obligation in Contemporary Tibet

Jane Caple

systematically allocating responsibility for the funding of religious events and projects perceived to be of communal benefit. This came through clearly in Dorjé’s account of the debate in Dewa: since each person got an equal share of fields during land

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Monique Deveaux

Despite rather significant attempts to democratize the structures of local governance, rural black South African women, whose interests are directly undermined by many land distribution reforms, have not been empowered. As we saw, women were included in

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Shelling from the ivory tower

Project Camelot and the post–World War II operationalization of social science

Philip Y. Kao

acceleration of social, economic, and political development. Working with the notion that land distribution, in addition to geographical, social, and political isolation of rural people, hampered development and modernization, CRESS researchers conducted a

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Professor Anna Stilz and Interviewed by Dr Christine Hobden

bit about what led you to that position and why you think it's the right one? And perhaps from my side to say, I realise you are not a specialist in South African politics or questions around land distribution in South Africa, but I think the reason

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Kai Krüger

Affected,” “From the Perspective of the SED,” and “From the Perspective of New Farmers.” 22 Pupils are asked to use the sources on land reform to “work out the process of expropriation and land distribution as well as the respective political and social

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From proclamation to denial

Indigenous rights and political participation in Venezuela

Catherine Alès

Maria Korta in protest of the detention of a Yukpa leader relating to a land distribution conflict, as well as the November 8, 2010 march organized by indigenous peoples and their allies to instigate new measures from the government, to reintroduce the